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Educare is back!


In KS2 we have been working really hard on focusing on our online learning but also doing some fun learning activities in the afternoon. 


We we will try and keep you updated on all the fun we are having!

Working hard on writing tasks.

We watched a live discussion from Paignton zoo and drew ourselves in new habitats.

The children challenging each other, and the teachers, to a game of chess.

Farewell Bubble School


All the 'Bubble School' staff have had the most amazing time working (and playing) with the Educare children. We have covered such a wide range of subjects during our time together but our focus was to have fun and to ensure that the children felt safe and secure. We were all amazed by their resilience and adaptability regarding the changes put in place. The photos highlight just how much fun we've had whilst still learning. 


We thank you all for your kind words, support, delicious cakes and gifts. Such a welcomed treat and very much appreciated. 


We are proud of each and every child that has joined us in our 'Bubble School' and will always treasure our unique memories during these times. 


The team wish you all a very enjoyable and relaxing summer, the children certainly deserve a break. 

This week in KS1 educare we have had lots of fun!


We have completed a treasure hunt with an ice cream treat at the end.

A bug bingo was a fun activity and we had a water pistol battle.

We enjoyed a sports day and dance party with our KS2 friends. 


We have decorated our quad with handmade decorations including paper chains and hearts with messages for our friends and family. 


On our last day we had our graduation ceremony and had our packed lunch outside and had a picnic!

Making decorations for our tree

Getting ready to get the teachers!

Our treasure hunt and special treat

Ice creams and our end of year party. Check out some of the groovy moves in the videos at the end! :-)


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Educare Sports Day

Helicopters and toy invention presentations with Miss Lucas

‘Bubble’s Got Talent!’

‘Deano and the Hip Hops’

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We graduated from Bubble School!

Exquisite diplomas!

Being Creative with Clay

We really enjoyed designing and making these dragon eyes.

In KS1 educare this week our theme has been 'fairy tales'


In maths we have been looking at keywords such as longest, shortest, heaviest and lightest. In writing we have been creating our own fairy tale stories and we have enjoyed reading them to each other and the teachers.


We have enjoyed making a puppet theatre and each day making puppets, out of paper, sticks and spoons to act out while our teacher reads a fairy tale. 

Ordering heavy and light objects

Reading and structuring our fairytales

Enjoying some time outside

Our puppet theatres

In KS1 educare this week our theme is ‘animals of the world’


In maths, the foundation children have been looking at measuring while the rest of KS1 have been extending their addition and subtraction skills. We have been writing about the animals we know and like and even wrote letters to a zoo.


We have been drawing, designing and making animals from different continents to put up on our display. 


We have continued our love of exercising to GoNoodle and reading to the teachers and each other.

Our displays

Practising our cutting skills.

Creating maps of a wildlife park and animals to go in.

Having fun with our maths


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My Delicate Memories of Lockdown


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We have been using similes to write some very descriptive poetry.

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Sensational Sewing Skills!

The KS2 Educare children created some beautiful art work today. We also had a very active afternoon chasing bubbles, doing timed assault courses and developing our basketball skills. Lots of Friday fun.smiley

We are learning some Hip Hop dances.

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See if you can copy these moves!

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This week in KS1 educare our theme has been ‘minibeasts’


We have been looking at addition and subtraction in maths linked with our theme.

We have done some non-fiction writing about the minibeasts we know and in art we have been creating them for our display, even creating our own.


We even went into the playground to look for minibeasts, some of us were even brave enough to hold some!

We have continued our go noodle daily exercise and have done some of our reading in the sunshine.

Making minibeasts for our display

Writing about minibeasts

Practising our addition and subtraction

Hunting for minibeasts

The KS2 Educare group have had lots of fun experimenting with circuits. They tried to make bulbs brighter, buzzers louder and made their own propellers to attach to a motor.

Ancient Greek Temples by KS2 Educare



This week in KS1 educare our topic has been ‘My Life’


In literacy all the children have been writing about themselves and who they consider to be their heroes. The foundation children have also practised their phase 3 phonics. In maths we have been developing our skills in addition.


Playdough gym was popular this week and the children loved exercising with go noodle.


Our display looks amazing this week with self portraits, family drawings and pictures of our homes and the children made some lovely cards to celebrate their own super heroes. 

Practising our phase 3 phonics

Doing our addition

Family portraits

Painting our houses

Making cards for our superheroes

Playdough challenge- can you make your name out of Playdough?