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Digital Mascots

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St. Andrew's have won the


Digital School of the Year


We are delighted to announce that we have been recognised nationally as a leader in the provision of e-safety for our whole school community.

All the children and staff at St. Andrew’s were delighted to hear that we had won the Digital School of the Year.. The online safety of our school community is extremely important to us and it is great that our hard work and dedication to e-safety has been validated nationally by ParentZone.

E-Safety Training for all parents


The training was a great success and was attended by 23 parents. There were plenty of opportunities for discussions and everyone went home with some information or a resource that they could use.


" It has been very useful in keeping up with the children..."  

" A great idea to have this training!" 

" Very useful and informative." 

" Thank you - really good - with 4 boys any information will help me to keep them safe online "

"Very important information that all should know about!"

"I feel more confident in keeping my daughter safe."

" Excellent overview into E-safety."


Everyone who attended said they would recommend the training to others.

We hope to run another session in the near future and will endeavour to run one after school for those who work.


More E-Safety Training at St. Andrew's Coming Soon!


E-Safety Online Training


As promised at the training, a document is attached below that gives instructions for accessing an online training course for parents. This is normally £7 per parent but is supplied free of charge by St.Andrew's. You need to create an account and follow the link on your email. 


For your free access to the programme, go to

  Simply click on the pink ‘Add to cart’ button to start your registration. On the next page click checkout. You’ll then be asked to enter your email address.  On the next page, you will need to enter the coupon code DSP16 to ensure you have free access to the programme. Return to your email and follow the links.

We follow the SMART rules. What do the letters stand for?

E-Safety Charter for Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2


The School Council were invited to the E-Safety steering group in February. They were asked to think of what rules we should have in class for keeping children safe online at school. Following this, they asked their classes for their ideas. Below is the culmination of the thoughts from the children in both Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2.

Our display from the E-Safety competition

Check out the SMART rules cartoon and watch it with your children.

If you ever need to report an e-safety incident online, you can always use CEOP!



Essential links to find out more about e-safety.







Our E-safety Super Hero Day in October