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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school!
Miss C Lewis - Y2 Teacher Assistant Headteacher
Mrs Dean Yr 3 - Class Teacher
Mrs Allchurch - Headteacher and DSL
Mrs Lane - Class teacher
Mr Pope - Year 6 teacher/Assistant Head
Mrs Wills - Foundation teacher
Mrs L Lucas - Teacher
Mrs King - Y5 Class teacher
Ms L Turner  Teaching Assistant
Mrs N Durbin PSA
Miss A Jones - Teaching Assistant
Mr Jago - Caretaker
Miss G Mallard - TA and Clerk to Governors
Mrs M Duboisson - Teaching Assistant
Miss L Mann - Y3 Classteacher
Mrs S Johnson - MTA / cleaner
Mrs S Boyle - Y1 Class teacher
Mr W Stonebridge - Yr 4 Class Teacher
Mrs Frude - Administrator
Mrs R Eggar - Teaching Assistant
Mrs J Jackson - EAL Teaching Assistant & MTA
Miss M Dann - Teaching Assistant
Miss G Phillips - Mealtime Assistant
Mrs Tamblyn - Foundation Stage Teacher
Mrs S Haywood - Teaching Assistant
Mrs M Dove - Business Manager
Mrs C Linzell - Foundation Teaching Assistant
Mrs D Brown - KS1 Teaching Assistant / MTA
Ms L Cotton - Catering Assistant
Mrs Dudley - Teaching Assistant MTA
Miss D McCulloch Kitchen Manager
Miss L Holmes  Catering Assistant
Miss Edwards MTA
Mr Napier Year 5 Class Teacher