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Year 5

Happy New Year! Welcome to 2022.

Year 5 have returned refreshed, excited and ready to explore our Spring Term topic

Please see our latest newsletter and curriculum poster for details.



We have had so much fun this afternoon, celebrating Christmas with a VE day themed party. There was cake, lemonade and dancing; what more could we ask for? We hope you all have a wonderful break, filled with joy and peace. 

Merry Christmas, everyone! 

A few snaps of our VE day themed Christmas party!

SHHH... The Walls Have Ears


We welcome back our new Year 5 class to an exciting term

ahead, focused around our World War 2 Topic theme.

Friday 16th November- World War 2 Day

Wow! What a fun day, filled with exciting, hands on learning opportunities! We were having so much fun with our action packed day, that I only managed to get a few photos, but I'm sure Year 5 will be happy to talk to you about what wehave been up to.

Year 5 even managed to perform a Lindy Hop extravaganza for Year 6, after only 4 weeks of lessons! It was spectacular! 

History field-trip to The Box.

History trip to THE BOX: As part of our WW2 topic theme Y5 & Y6 visited THE BOX to explore Plymouth's rich heritage, with a particular focus on the role the city and its people had in the Second Word War. Our children had some great opportunities to examine archive materials and use detective skills when examining genuine artifacts from that time period.

Homework task- 12.11.21

This week we have been learning about relative clauses. Your homework task is to follow the link below, watch the video and complete the short quiz (5 questions). 

You then have to rewrite the sentences, including a relative clause in each one. There are 16 sentences to choose from, you must complete at least 10. You may complete all 16 if you would like to. 


Remember, each relative clause will start with a relative pronoun: who, which, that, when, where, whose, whom. 

Please write the sentences either on a Google docs, or in your homework book.

Homework task- 5.11.21


In dance this week we have started learning the Lindy Hop, and I have been very impressed by your enthusiasm! This week your homework is to watch the videos attached, and see if you can have a go at any of the moves with a friend or family member. 


There is nothing for you to submit or hand in, but I would love to hear about how you get on!  


Have fun! 

The Lindy-Hop-A-Thon Group Dance - BBC Strictly 2018

Stream Strictly LIVE on BBC iPlayer 💃🕺 and 🔔 to BBC Strictly ✨ and 🔔 to BBC 👉 https://bi...