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Say hello to the 2019 members of our Christian Ethos Group.

Say hello to the 2019 members of our Christian Ethos Group.  1

Christian Distinctiveness Project


The Ethos Group have been involved with the Christian Distinctiveness Project, hosted by All Saints Academy Plymouth. As a group the children designed and created a banner to represent the Christian Distinctiveness of our school.


The children chose;


  • St Andrew to represent our school saint. 
  • Fish in the net to represent people being gathered up by Jesus. 
  • Rays of light from the sun to represent the Holy Spirit guiding our lives. 
  • A blue and white lighthouse to represent our location and school colours. 
  • Fish with our Christian values on them to show the ways in which we try to live our lives. 


The banner is currently on display at St Andrew's church. We are looking forward to finding a special place for it at school where we can all enjoy it and be reminded of some of the important truths it represents. 


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We are the Christian Ethos Group of St. Andrew’s Church of England (VA) Primary School.


The Christian Ethos Group is a group of children, governors, staff, church representatives, parents and our rector Joe Dent. This group aims to develop our Christian distinctiveness, promote our school values, enhance children’s education and develop links within the community. The children meet once every week and we invite the wider members to join us once each half term.  


Our school is multi-cultural, our school family is made up of children from many different faiths. We all share the same values and we are determined to uphold these values in our school. We would like to tell you a little about our Ethos group and the impact that it is having on our school.


The role of the Ethos group is to help our children understand our school Christian Values. We meet in order to discuss aspects of our school’s commitment to our Christian ethos, to work on the value for that term and decide on the activities we would like to do. During the academic year 2016/17 we have plans to carry out all sorts of activities, such as leading worship.  We ask fellow pupils for their opinion about our values and our worship and use their feedback to shape future worship. We report to our governors on what we have thought about, discussed and initiated.


Every half term Ethos group plan and deliver whole school worship on one of our values. The most important part of worship is reflection time, where children think about how the value can help them in their daily lives. The Ethos group place reflection prompts in each class's prayer space to encourage children to continue their reflection beyond whole school worship time.


Your word is a lamp to guide my feet and a light for my path. (Psalm 119.105)