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School Council

Members of St. Andrew's School Council are elected by their class peers every September. One girl and one boy are asked to represent the interests of their fellow pupils for a term of one academic year.


The children have regular meetings with Mrs Allchurch, where they are consulted on various school issues. They contribute

insightful and relevant opinions which are valued highly. They are often invited to attend important events in the city

and always conduct themselves in a mature, smart and respectful manner. 

Our new School Councillors 2016/17


Congratulations to the children who have been elected as our new School Councillors for this school year. We know they

are going to represent their fellow classmates and the school brilliantly. Well done to Novak, Phoebe, Olly, Jennylee, Ana,

Kai, Sophie, Lily, Nat and Oliver.

Tuesday 13th June 2017


The older members of the School Council attended the annual Door of Unity Ceremony at the Minster Church of St. Andrew.


School Council Meeting 18.05.17


The School Council met with Mrs McCulloch, the kitchen manager, to tell her what their class mates had told them about the new choices on the school lunch menu. They said that only a few children were choosing a new item on the menu but those who had, really enjoyed it. Mrs McCulloch has decided to offer a tasting-session later in the term. 


Meeting 20.04.17


On the agenda at this month's School Council meeting was school lunches. The children spoke with Mrs McCulloch, our school cook about the new spring/summer menu choices. They have been asked to consult with their class peers about how we can improve lunchtimes and report back at the next meeting.



6th March 2017


Members of the School Council from Years 5 and 6 attended the Youth Council meeting at the Council House. The topic was 'The World of Work'. The children were given a long agenda for the day which included meeting and interviewing apprentices and a 'careers carousel'.

2nd December 2016


Three members of the School Council visited the Council Chamber for a City Youth Council meeting on 2nd December.


They met with the Deputy Lord Mayor.




School Council meeting - 11th October 2016


The School Council have been set a challenge at today's meeting. Mrs Allchurch has asked them to look into ways of making more efficient use of of energy at St. Andrew's. The children will discuss ideas with the rest of their class and hopefully come up with some ideas that will improve the school's energy rating from a D to a C. 



Door of Unity Service 2016



Members of the School Council attend the Door of Unity Service 2016