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Year 5

During this spring term, Year 5 will be taking their learning both near and far, embracing our latest creative curriculum topic'The Winds of Change', where they will unearth the distant past of the Chinese 'Shang Dynasty' and embrace the cultural legacy it left behind. Meanwhile, closer to home, our pupils will engage in further field trips and exciting career based experiences under the Millfield's Trust 'Widening Horizons' scheme. 


See our new Spring Term curriculum poster and letter attached for further details of coverage across all the subjects, together with our daily routine and expectations in Year 5.



Taking one giant leap into a new academic year, Year 5 will explore the Earth, Space and Beyond this Autumn with Mr Napier commanding the helm, assisted by Mrs Duboisson and Mrs Dudley.


We shall embark on an inspirational and innovative musical journey about space travel,
the stars and planets. In Gymnastics, we hope to feel a little more grounded as we activate a series of balances and controlled sequences. We have already begun to step back in time in
a voyage of discovery with the ancient Maya civilisations and are digging deep in world of biographies.  Soon our young scientists will aim to explore colour right across the spectrum!


Everybody in Year 5 has returned from the Summer break all enthused and ready to challenge themselves, to build upon their personal strengths and embrace new experiences whilst fulfilling those targets set at the end of Year 4.


Year 5 will be an exciting year with numerous field trips planned under the ‘Widening Horizons’ banner, which give our class an insight and experiential learning about a wide range of future career opportunities.


Please look at our Curriculum Poster and Curriculum Letter below for a more general overview of what Year 5 is all about – Keep your eyes peeled on this page for further progress and discoveries that our explorers embark upon over the next year.


During this Autumn term, 6 of our class participated alongside seven other local schools in a 'Biology Bake Off' competition, that was organised by STEM at City College, Plymouth.
Out of 16 teams, a St Andrew's team proudly brought back the first prize for their creative skills in producing a mouthwatering platters of food made entirely from marzipan.
Our children really enjoyed themselves, especially showing off their teamwork and artistic skills, whilst working in a professional kitchen.










In Year 5, we continue to focus on our Oracy skills across all subjects. We use these courteous turn taking language skills to explain Maths reasoning and verbalise observations,
to express opinions, summarise, contest or build upon issues in a balanced debate during Literacy lessons. Likewise, we use Oracy to share feelings and support each other in PSHE 'circle time', combined withe confidence to deliver a Topic based research presentation or perhaps engage on a 'hot seating' role after a Guided Reading session.