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Welcome to the gallery! Please enjoy browsing the children’s work.


There is always so much happening at St. Andrew's! 

Picture 1 Foundation's first assembly!
Picture 2 They were excited to show what they are learning!
Picture 3 Learning flamenco dancing!
Picture 4 Theatre Royal puppet workshop
Picture 5 Keeping cool during the hot weather
Picture 6 We have fun science lessons!
Picture 7 Lots of exciting activities
Picture 8 A visit to Brittany Ferries
Picture 9 I think Mrs Allchurch is very impressed!
Picture 10 Fabulous homework! Well done.
Picture 11 The day it snowed!
Picture 12 We were so excited!
Picture 13 We are looking forward to Christmas!
Picture 14 Fantastic homework by Year 1 and 2
Picture 15 Wonderful castles
Picture 16 Year 1 and 2 marathon
Picture 17
Picture 18 Learning to cycle safely
Picture 19 Outdoor play
Picture 20 Year 6 kitchen takeover
Picture 21 Making chocolate brownies
Picture 22 Receiving an award for reading
Picture 23 Coming to see Mrs Allchurch for good work
Picture 24 Amazing writing in Foundation!
Picture 25 Our playground in springtime
Picture 26 The trees are looking beautiful
Picture 27 Making Easter cards
Picture 28 Year 2 Easter boxes
Picture 29 A lovely Easter display
Picture 30 Year 2's amazing lighthouse!
Picture 31 Fun and games in Year 3
Picture 32 Good listening skills are required!
Picture 33
Picture 34 What a brilliant wedding cake!
Picture 35 Miss Keaty in the Beauty salon
Picture 36 Very pretty!
Picture 37 Plymouth Anthology authors 2016. Well done!
Picture 38 Super work!
Picture 39 Foundation Class assembly November 2016
Picture 40 Toy Day October 2016
Picture 41 Toy Day October 2016
Picture 42 Learning to form letters together
Picture 43 Learning outdoors
Picture 44 We enjoy learning with the help of notebooks!
Picture 45 The older children help the younger children
Picture 46 Working together
Picture 47 KS1 extension in progress September 2016
Picture 48 Science Explorer Autumn 2016
Picture 49 Watching the exciting science lesson!
Picture 50 Science Explorer Autumn 2016
Picture 51 Tennis lessons Summer 2016
Picture 52 Archery 2016
Picture 53 Mad Science Day
Picture 54 Excellent weighing skills in Yr 1
Picture 55 Maypole dancing in Year 1
Picture 56 Impressing Mrs Allchurch!
Picture 57 Visiting St. Andrew's Church
Picture 58 Easter table
Picture 59 Yoga in Year 2!
Picture 60 Excellent reading, George!
Picture 61 Year 6 at the Eden Project
Picture 62 Penguins and galleons...
Picture 63 A super display in the main hall by-pass
Picture 64 Amazing homework!
Picture 65 We have lots of new reading scheme books.
Picture 66 Did you see our Nativity photograph in the Herald?
Picture 67 Excellent cooking skills
Picture 68 Pennywell Farm 2014
Picture 69 Cooking at Kid's Club!
Picture 70 Look at our lovely new curtains in the hall!
Picture 71 The Devonport Fire Cake and Book sale
Picture 72 Mrs Dove enjoyed a cuddle with our special visitor
Picture 73 Infant toilet block construction work
Picture 74 The Science Dome with 30 Year 1 children inside!
Picture 75 Infant toilet block is nearly ready
Picture 76 Smoothie Day with Dr Bike
Picture 77 The children used pedal power to make smoothies
Picture 78 Lots of healthy ingredients!
Picture 79 New infant corridor - November 2014
Picture 80 Football Award. Congratulations!
Picture 81 Door of Unity Service
Picture 82 Good Manners Tea Party at the Duke of Cornwall
Picture 83 Sports Day 2013
Picture 84
Picture 85 Making good progress!
Picture 86 How cute!
Picture 87 Working throughout the bad weather.
Picture 88 Building work for new hall conservatory
Picture 89 Year 6 'Takeover' the kitchen!
Picture 90 28th January 2014 - the roof is going on!
Picture 91 Sparks are flying!
Picture 92 Look at the mud!
Picture 93 A first look inside the new extension!
Picture 94 Year 3 playing the steel drums
Picture 95 Using our new tablets
Picture 96 Let us in!
Picture 97 Year 6 Westminster Trip
Picture 98
Picture 99 Big Ben
Picture 100 Hula Hooping
Picture 101 The judges!
Picture 102 Award presentation
Picture 103 Our fantastic playground mosaic!
Picture 104 Toffee apples!
Picture 105 More fun at Woodlands 2013
Picture 106 A Mexican lady? (Ok...Mrs Haywood)
Picture 107 Sitting, waiting but READY!
Picture 108 Fabian Bartez or Mr Jago the caretaker?