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Welcome to Foundation!


We are looking forward to another exciting year of fun and adventure with all of our new Foundation children! Please keep checking our class page to see some of our learning! 

Police visit!

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Releasing our butterflies!

Making a cocoon!

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Watch the caterpillar in the middle of the cup as it spins a cocoon!

Our caterpillar and tadpoles have grown so much we now have cocoons and frogs!

Tadpoles, caterpillars and now locusts in Foundation!

Our caterpillars were so tiny when they arrived!
We counted 5 in the pot.
They have already more than doubled in size!
Mr Gill brought in a special tank to show us.
We thought they were grasshoppers...
..but now we know they are locust hoppers!
Our tadpoles were so tiny when they arrived..
Now they are huge!
We think they might grow some legs soon!

Our first Jo Jingles session was lots of fun!

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A super visit from an intensive care nurse who is also a dad from our class!

A visit from Olympic high jumper Robert Mitchell

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We were put through our paces today with a circuit of exercises. We did spotty dogs, climbed the mountain, push ups and star jumps!


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The day it snowed! ❄️⛄️

Our reading and writing this term..

We can label pictures..
..and read stories.
We can write sentences...
...and letters.
We can research and copy..
..and make up our own ideas.
We can write about the things we love..
...and practise in our phonics lessons.
We can form our letters..
...and write for a purpose.
We work independently...
...and are proud of our writing.
We can write lists...
...and sentences...
...and speech bubbles!

Our maths this term..

Recognising numbers and counting objects to 20
Measuring the length..
..and height of different objects.
Using words such as taller or shorter.
Measuring the length our car travelled.
Weighing out penguin food..
..and trying to balance the scales.
Talking about heavier and lighter.
Who is taller?
Making our own giant scales...
..which soon became a seesaw!
Learning to add and subtract with numbers up to 20

This term we are learning about polar animals!

First day back at school and we experienced a snow storm!


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The elves decorated our school!

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Maths Open Morning

We recorded our adding pictorially
Can you swat the number?
Making repeating patterns.
Matching the shape dominos.
Drawing 2D and 3D shape pictures.
How many dogs can you count?
Can you order the number rockets?
Sorting coins on the whiteboard.
Can you name each shape and describe it?

We had a great internet safety day and all dressed up as our new digi pet, Technology Turtle!

We have been learning all about turtles as we have a new pet, Technology Turtle!

We made popcorn!

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We have been so busy adding photos to our new Tapestry Learning Journeys that we have forgotten to put any on our website! Here are a few photos of our first few weeks at school..

Be safe, be seen day!

Practising our letter formation

Digging for vegetables!

We love to paint and stick!

Here are some photos of our classroom, all ready for the year ahead!

Our maths area
Role play baby clinic
The book corner
Our art trolley and creative area
Autumn investigation station
Small world farm

Our visit from Ali and The Shark Trust

There are over 400 different types of shark!
We each had a cuddly shark or ray to hold!
Ali brought in her giant soft toys for us to see.
We loved learning the names of each shark!
These fish clean the shark's teeth!
We learnt how a shark swims underwater.
This is the nose of a swordfish!
We looked carefully at shark teeth..
..and eggs!
The eggs are called mermaid's purses.
This shark has big spots to scare away predators.
We learnt so many amazing facts..
..we wanted to say a big thank you to Ali.. we each drew our own shark and made a card!

A trip to West Hoe Park!

Our virtual holiday to Spain!

Everyone came to school in their holiday outfits
We lined up with our suitcases ready to fly
Everyone made their own boarding card and passport
It was very exciting!
The air hostess checked our passports..
..and boarding cards.
She had to check we looked like our passport photo
..and make sure we had packed our own suitcases!
Our pilot and air hostess gave us a safety talk..
..then the captain and co-pilot flew the plane.
We had our in flight snack..
..and drink.
We landed in Spain and listened to stories..
..played with our toys..
..shared books..
..practised our Spanish..
..and enjoyed the sunshine!
We even watched a flamenco dancing demonstration!
Then it was time for our water fight!
We threw our water balloons..
..splashed each other with cups of water..
..squirted our water pistols..
..ran as fast as we could..
..and still got very wet!
Very, very wet!

Bike and scooter obstacle day!

A pirate and mermaid adventure to rescue Charlie Chimp!

We received a letter from Captain Bonecrusher!
The Singing Mermaid offered us her help.
We made our own pirate hats..
..and mermaid purses.
We followed the clues to rescue Charlie Chimp..
The clues took us all over the school!
We were very happy to have Charlie back!
We made treasure maps for homework
We also made some at school..
they looked fantastic!
X marks the spot!

Our independent sentence writing is improving every day!

We have been learning about coins by paying for our snack!

We had to choose the correct coins
We had to add prices together
You could use 1p, 2p and 5p coins
We know that there are different ways to make 4p

A very wet welly walk to look at houses in our local area..

Searching for minibeasts!

We used magnifying glasses to look for insects.
We found lots inside the big tyres!
This worm was huge!
We looked at each bug in little dishes.
There were lots of woodlice under the log!
We worked in pairs and helped each other.
Look at this snail!
Everyone loved finding different insects.
We couldn't see any fish in the pond today.
We found these dragonfly by the pond.
We enjoyed smelling different plants.
We had fun exploring the nature garden.

We are mini caretakers, helping to look after our school!

We interviewed Mr Jago to find out about his job.
We wore yellow jackets, just like Mr Jago does!
We learnt how to sweep the floor.
Everyone did a great job!
We put all the rubbish in the bin.
We cleaned the chalkboard...
...and the climbing frame.
We also watered the plants.

We are learning how to use the chrome book computers!

We each have our own username and password.
We can search for images on Kiddle.
We can use the mousepad to scroll and click.
We love looking at different animals!

Today's nature walk involved lots of flowers, a dead rodent, a sticky plant and a hole in the ground!

Look at some of our artwork!

We can use the whiteboard to draw pictures!
We can use different textures!
We can use watercolour paints!
We know how to mix colours!
We can choose colours for a purpose!
We can use tissue paper and glue!
We can make a collage!
We can imitate Eric Carle's Hungry Caterpillar!
We can use a range of materials!
We can create 3D models!

Baby caterpillars and tadpoles!

We are learning about a caterpillar's life cycle
We have five tiny caterpillars to look after
We also looked at some tadpoles!

Our first welly walk (minus the wellies!)

Today we witnessed the wedding of Mr and Mrs Bunny! Here are some photos of our special day...

Everyone was very excited!
The boys all looked very handsome
The girls were beautiful in their dresses
One guest was ready for a special proposal!
Our beautiful wedding cake!
A nervous Mr Bunny and his best man
Miss Bunny and the Father of the Bride
Olly was our vicar, and he's parent from our class
Mr and Mrs Bunny said their vows...
...and exchanged rings
Afterwards we ate the cakes we made yesterday
...and had lots of fun dancing!

We have gone wedding mad! The children are busy planning a wedding for our class on Friday!

Our adventures with Supertato and Evil Pea!

We added masks to our potatoes..
..and gave them eyes and a belt.. well as arms, legs and a cape.
We soon had an army of Supertato potatoes!
We wrote messages to keep our vegetables safe
We found some of the vegetables from the story
We made traps to catch the Evil Pea
We wrote lists of the veg we need to protect
This trap squashes the Evil Pea!
This trap has a dragon inside!
This trap falls down on top of the Evil Pea.
The traps were designed and made by the children
Supertato left us a letter and some spy pens
We used the pens to read the Evil Pea's messages
The messages only showed up under the pen's light
We loved reading all of them!

Pancake day! We have had lots of fun pretending to make and flip pancakes!

Today was our 100th day at school!


This week it is the Valentine's disco! We are all very excited so we decided to set up our own beauty salon!

Welcome to our salon!
We have lots of beauty products!
We can paint your nails... your make up.. you pick out a new colour..
..sort out your eyebrows..
..apply your lipstick..
..give you a manicure..
..moisturise your face..
..and make you look fabulous!

Frozen madness!

Chinese New Year

We dressed up...
...and tried to use chopsticks!
Year 6 gave us a dragon to play with!
We took home fortune cookies & red money envelopes
Dragon dancing was lots of fun!
We also learnt a Chinese scarf dance
Lots of us made our own scary dragons!

Sammy is missing!

We found a crime scene in our classroom!
Sammy's house was a mess!
We wrote missing posters to try to find him
We asked Mr Jago to help us
Luckily he had just gone on holiday!

A very special delivery!

We received this box and wondered what was inside
There was a letter explaining where it was from
We found a penguin inside!
We named him Sammy and decorated his new house!

We made our own binoculars and went on a polar animal hunt!

After listening to Vivaldi's Winter we have loved making our own music!


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Dr Freeze left us hot chocolate powder and marshmallows!

Dr Freeze!


Our first few days back at school have been very exciting. We found a secret door in our classroom! We wondered who might be behind the door and wrote them a letter to find out. We soon got a letter back from someone called Dr Freeze! He had frozen our toys in ice! We talked about how to melt the ice and came up with four different ideas. We then voted on the idea we thought was the best by placing a brick on the matching picture. All afternoon we worked together to melt the ice and free our toys. We were a little bit cross with Dr Freeze but then decided that perhaps he didn't know our classroom rules or that he didn't have any friends and was just a bit sad. So, we wrote him another letter explaining how we behave at school and asking him to be our friend. Hopefully he will write back to us soon!

Who lives behind the door?
We decorated the door and gave it a lovely garden!
Lots of children wrote lovely letters
The frozen toys!
The letter we had from Dr Freeze
Our toys are trapped!
Our four suggestions to melt the ice
Lots of people voted for outside!
Blowing on the ice with our warm breath
Rolling the ice outside
It was so cold!

We sang our Nativity songs to the residents of Wesley Court 😊

Elves in our classroom!

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Today there was a bit of Strictly Come Dancing in our classroom!


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We had a visit from Sandra who is a dog groomer!

Sandra had brought a special dog called Goldie
She showed us all the different things in her van
Our dog Poppy was dirty so Sandra gave her a bath
Then Poppy had her fur dried with the hairdryer!
Poppy was such a good dog Sandra gave her a treat
We looked inside the dog bath..
..and stood inside the van.
We gave Goldie lots of lovely hugs!

A big thank you for the donation of all this lovely sports equipment!

Our first class assembly and school trip!

We were very brave and said our lines
We sang a song about being kind
We shared our special boxes and firework pictures
We went to the library and got a book to keep!

A triceratops in our playground!

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A triceratops was spotted in our playground. We think she was looking for her baby dinosaurs. We decided to leave them outside this evening with a candle to show her where to find them in the dark.

More dinosaur clues!

Digging for fossils!
Counting dinosaur bones.
Digging for bones in the sand.
We became palaeontologists!
Finding a dinosaur skeleton!
We made binoculars to look for dinosaurs!
We found a footprint in the playground!
Carefully dusting off our fossils.
Some of us pretended to be a triceratops!
We loved our new costume!
Hopefully the mummy will find her babies tonight!

Our dinosaur eggs hatched!

We noticed that our eggs were cracking...
...there were baby dinosaurs inside!
We gave the new baby dinosaurs a nice warm bath...
...and carefully dried them.

Today we found some dinosaur eggs!

We searched high...
...and low!
Dr Frank the palaeontologist hid the eggs.
We studied them carefully.
We read about volcanoes which might hurt our eggs.
We chose lots of materials to make nests.
Each group made their own nest.
We have to keep our eggs warm and safe.
We chose where to put our nests.
We wrote name labels for our eggs.
Say hello to Eggy...
..and Lacey-Cute!
Some of us made our own nests...
...with materials from the art trolley.
Today we had a postcard from a palaeontologist called Dr Frank. He told us that he had been watching a dinosaur nest when suddenly a volcano started to erupt nearby! He rescued the eggs but needed our help to look after them so had hidden them in our playground! We went outside to search for the eggs and found them hidden in plant pots, tyres, grass and soil! The eggs smelt very funny and we had to handle them very carefully. We brought them inside and decided to make nests to keep the eggs safe. Each group chose their own materials and talked about why they would be good for our nest. We then chose names for our dinosaur eggs and made name labels for them. Our eggs are called Eggy, Derek, Layla and Lacey-Cute! We placed the nests and eggs in different places around the classroom and asked Mr Jago the caretaker to keep his eye on them overnight. We hope they hatch soon!

This week's phonics: g o c k

Foundation's Got Talent!

Making tickets to watch the show
The first band take to the stage!
Taking photos from the audience
Musical masterpiece!
Working the stage!
Selling popcorn to the crowd
Another super band!
Everyone watching the show!

Chopping vegetables and cooking our own pizzas!

Chopping peppers
Slicing tomatoes
Using the bridge method
Spreading the sauce
Adding cheese and our own toppings
Carrying our pizzas to the oven
Yum yum!

Hammers and nails- risk taking!

This week's phonics: i, n, m, d

**Thank you to everyone who came to watch us in the Harvest Assembly! We were all extremely brave at singing and dancing in front of the whole school! We hope you enjoyed 'going bananas' with us! There is a link at the bottom of the page to our Harvest powerpoint with the photos we shared in assembly.**

We have been exploring fruit and vegetables for Harvest!

Our fruit and veg shop
Lots of busy shoppers!
Cutting our fruit and vegetables
Cooking up a storm!
Don't forget to do the dishes!
What does an orange taste like?
What is inside an onion?
What does butternut squash smell like?
The seeds felt funny!
We loved squishing them!
We baked the butternut squash in the oven
Popping the corn was our favourite!
Yum yum!
smiley A big thank you to everyone who attended our phonics workshops, the children loved having their families in the classroom. In case you missed it, there is a link at the bottom of the page to the handout from the workshop. smiley

This week's phonics: s, a, t, p

Our first few weeks at school..

Making new friends...

Our first PE lesson!

Our classroom!

Small world and construction shelves
A close up of our shelves
The creative trolley
Funky fingers area for fine motor skills
How do you feel about starting school?

Phonics workshop powerpoint

Harvest Assembly photos