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Year 1

                       Welcome to Year 1!

A huge well done to you all from Mrs Boyle

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English and Maths

Please continue with your Talk for Writing Bob the Bubble work booklets and the white rose maths. Also have a go at this domino investigation. Can you work out which domino comes next in each row?

Moving on: it’s horrible not to be able to say goodbye to all of you in person but it would be great if you could record some memories from this very strange year. Below is a template which you might like to use.

Art: To investigate warm and cool colours

In today’s lesson, you will be focusing on how colours can be categorised into warm and cool. Warm colours help us think of warm and cosy things, while cool colours may remind us of fresh, calm and chilly things. You will create a piece of work inspired by Georgia O’Keeffe, who used warm and cool colours in her artwork. You will need a piece of paper, a pencil and some paints or colouring pencils.

PSHE: Make kindness count

School is finishing this week and you still have 6 weeks until we return (hopefully to some sort of normality). It is important to think about being kind at home. In this lesson, you will be learning about kindness and how you can be kind at home. You will be looking at other people being kind and how it is easy to perform little, meaningful acts of kindness every day whilst at home. You will create a kindness chart to record all the lovely, caring things you've done.

                      Home Learning Week Beginning 6th July

Hello Year 1; I cannot believe that we only have 2 weeks of term left and what a strage term it has been! It's great to have so many of you back in school, however if you're not back in and would like a chat, please email and I shall set one up. Please find the home learning for this week below. I hope you all have a lovely week- the weather is looking better. I shall see lots of you on Thursday. 


Mrs Boyle smiley


Another Talk for Writing booklet: Bob, the bubble who wanted to be useful.  This has enough to take you right up until the end of term.

Maths: Thia week on White Rose you will be revisiting fractions. We have covered this previoulsy as part of home learning and  also looked at it in class (for those children currently attending). Therefore I have also set up some Matheletics tasks covering different areas of learning.

Also, use your problem solving skills and have a go at answering the question below.

  Five Coins



Ben has five coins in his pocket. How much money might he have? What are all the possibilities?






Art: Exploring tints and shades.

You will be studying a spectacular artist called Wassily Kandinsky. He was a Russian artist known for using lots of colours and shapes in his artwork. You will be recreating our own Kandinsky-inspired artwork. You will need some paints or colouring pencils for today’s lesson.

For the children who weren’t in school on 2nd and 3rd July

We went bird spotting in the school grounds; here is a handy online bird identifier as well as a bird spotting checklist. Perhaps you could go out and do some bird spotting? We also planned simple birds feeders to make. Here is a youtube video of how to make one. Perhaps you could have a go at home too?

How to make a Bird Feeder from a Plastic Bottle

We also practised our place value and represented numbers with sticks and stones. A stick represented 10 and a stone 1. Have a look at the pictures below. Could you use sticks and stones to make numbers too?
We also learnt about putting 'ed' endings onto verbs where the root word soesn't change. have a go at the sheet below.

Home learning Week beginning 29th June.

I simply cannot believe that we are at the end of June already- time is racing by and hopefully racing towards getting back to normal! I hope that you are all well. Please find the learning for this week below. For the children who aren't in school, if you would like a telephone call with me then get your parents to email and we can set one up for Monday/Tuesday next week.


Here are 5 lessons from the Oak National Academy on writing a set of instructions based on the story Sam’s Sandwich. You will then be writing instructions for how to make a disgusting sandwich!

Maths: this week on White Rose it is all about money.


Build a terrarium. In this lesson you are going to be making a terrarium. A terrarium is like an aquarium, but for plants instead of fish. You will be making a simplified version of this terrarium, including items that you may have readily available in your homes and gardens.

For the children who did not attend on 29th and 30th June:


We have been looking at how we classify animals. Below is a website link, powerpoint and activity to complete.


We have been learning about adding ‘ing’ to verbs where there is no change required to the root word. Have a look at the powerpoint for examples and see if you can complete the worksheet.


We have been looking at this lovely book: Dear Earth. We thought about what we would like to do: run in meadows, sail across oceans, climb up mountains, then we used watercolours to create our own pictures. Here is the book being read by its author Isabel Otter. 

Dear Earth - read by Isabel Otter

Especially for the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, Isabel Otter reads her book, DEAR EARTH. Written by Isabel Otter Illustrated by Clara Anganuzzi Read by Isa...


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Year 1 home learning: let's see what you have been up to this week! Please feel free to email your pictures to

Home Learning Week Beginning 22nd June



Please continue with last week’s Talk for Writing booklet: Brian Bear’s Picnic. 



Please continue to support your child with reading and spelling the words on the Year 1 common exception word list.

Maths: Once again here is the link to the White Rose videos. These are great as they review content covered in year 1 and will ensure that children are Year 2 ready in September. If you would like the accompanying worksheets then please email school and I will send them out to you. Alternatively just complete the activities on screen and talk through the concepts with your child.


To create shadow art: In this lesson, we will be learning all about light and how to create shadows. The shadows will be our source of inspiration for our artwork today. We will be discussing different types of materials which help shadows to form.

Children who didn’t attend school on 18th and 19th June:


In phonics we have been looking at suffixes and this week concentrated on er and est  when the root word does not need to shange. E.g short, shorter, shortest. Have a look at the powerpoint and try the accompanying activity.

In science we have looked at the concept of whether things are living, dead or never alive. We went on a hunt around the school grounds to look for objects to record in these categories. Look at the links below, perhaps you could go on a hunt and sort objects into these categories too?
In English we are basing our work on a gerat animation 'Caterpillar Shoes'. I have set you plenty of English with your Brian Bear book, however if you wish to also see what the animation that we have been using to inspire our writing, here is the link:
Have a super week everyone and I look forward to seeing many of you next week. Take care Mrs Boyle smiley

Year 1 are keeping busy at home-let's see what you have been up to this week!

Home Learning Week Beginning 15th June


Dear all,


It is so lovely to see so many of you back at school. We miss the children who aren't back but know that you are doing lots of super learning at home. Please do feel free to email me and to send pictures of what you have been up to as a way of keeping in touch:

Below I have outlined the work for the week. I hope you all have a good week and I look forward to seeing many of you again on Thursday 18th June.


Best Wishes


Mrs Boyle


Here is a new Talk for Writing booklet: Brian Bear’s Picnic. The booklet has enough activities to last you for 2 weeks. Let me know if you go on a picnic like Brian Bear! Talk for Writing is doing a marvellous job with these super booklets and have raised lots of money for the NSPCC in the process. I donate every time I download a booklet for you- well done Year 1 for helping out!
Maths: Once again here is the link to the White Rose videos. These are great as they review content covered in Year 1 and will ensure that children are Year 2 ready in September. If you would like the accompanying worksheets then please email school and I will send them out to you. Alternatively just complete the activities on screen and talk through the concepts with your child.
Science: Here is a lesson from the Oak National academy on the 5 senses.


Lots of you have been inspired by using natural materials for your art. Here is a great lesson on making insects out of natural materials:

For the children who did not attend on 11th and 12th June:


We have been looking at adding s or es to make plurals. Have a look at the powerpoint and you can complete the accompanying worksheet if you wish.


We have also made a collage of the Creation Story. Could you have a go at home and send a picture of yours in?


In science we have surveyed the mini beasts in the school grounds. Can you complete this activity?

Home learning week beginning 1st June: Thank you to Aidan and Aiden for the pictures of what you have been up to!

Home learning week beginning 8th June



It was absolutely lovely to see so many of you back in school last week and I felt so good to be in the classroom teaching you again! This week we are holding a whole school oracy competition ‘St Andrew’s Speaks’.  Please see the flyer below- it would be fantastic to get lots of Year 1 entries! Also on Monday 8th June it is World Ocean Day. Please see the link below for some lovely activities in conjunction with the National Marine Aquarium.


Also Plymouth Schools' Library Service has lots of ebooks available to borrow for children of subscribing schools. If you would like a password so that your child can access this service, please contact the school and I will provide a personalised password for you to use.


Below is the work to see you through the next 3 days before we see you in school on Thursday. For the children who did not attend last week I have also put a few extras below.


Have a good week everyone and I look forward to seeing lots of you again on Thursday!

English: Please continue with your booklets set last week.

St Andrew's Speaks- our 1st Oracy competition. Read this flyer and get talking!

On Monday 8th June it is World Ocean Day. Please clock on the link bleow to take part in some lovely activities with the NMA. There are also some PDF files of some under the sea themed learning activities.

Children who did not attend on 4th and 5th June

For the children who didn't attend last week I have uploaded a version of our R.E learning; we started to learn about the creation story and made a creation story wheel. I have put this below along with a PowerPoint presentation of the story.

Home learning update. Thank you to Aidan and Jakira for the super pictures of your work.

Week beginning 1st June

Hello everyone, I hope you have all had a nice half-term break and have managed to get out and enjoy the sunshine. Many of you might be returning to school at the end of the week; we are very much looking forward to seeing you. I have been into school to set the classroom up ready for you! I will continue to set home learning to fill the 3 days which you are not in school - this learning can be extended for those of you not returning. I will update this page later in the week with any extras for those who will not be in school.



Please continue to  email anything that you would like to share to:


I am thinking of you all and am very much looking forward to seeing everyone soon. 


Mrs Boyle smiley

English. Another Talk for Writing booklet: Sayeeda the Pirate Princess This booklet will last 2 weeks, especially as we are now in school for 2 days per week.

Spelling activities are set on spelling shed.


This week you will be consolidating learning on mass and capacity. Please follow the link below, I have set corresponding activities on Mathletics.

Art: Please follow the lonk below. This week you are ging on a texture hunt!

I would also loke to draw your attention to a free e-book on Oxford Owl:

Everybody Worries

Written and illustrated by Jon Burgerman

In this bright and friendly picture book, children learn that it’s okay to worry about coronavirus. Fun rhyming couplets keep the tone gentle and supportive, and you will find plenty of ideas for dealing with coronavirus in a positive way.

                          Home learning week beginning 18th May

The Snail and the Whale


This week your English and science learning is centered around another mini beast: a very adventurous snail! Your book this week is The Snail and the Whale-I absolutely love this story!

  • There are lots of adjectives and other descriptive words in the story which describe different things. Can you find them all? Could you make a poster which shows what they are?

  • The snail 'slithered'. Think of other words to describe how different creatures move.

  • There is a lot of rhyming in the story. Can you find the rhyming words? Can you find other words which rhyme with them?

I have also included the link to the  BBC animation of the story as well as a youtube video of the book being read in case you don’t have a copy.

I have included a workbook for activities to accompany this book. Dip in and out and complete as much as you want to.

The Snail and the Whale

The Snail and the Whale The Snail and the Whale, a delightful tale of adventure and friendship by the unparalleled picture book partnership of Julia Donaldso...

Science- snails and mini beasts

Watch the BBC bitesize clip and have a look through the powerpoint about snails. 

Go on a hunt for snails. Look closely, what do you see? Can you cut and label the parts of a snail (PDF below)? Where did you find your snail? Can you find out some facts about snails? 

Did you find any other minibeasts? Why not have a go at the minibeast hunt sheet below? Happy hunting!


Maths this week is all about consolidating learning on length and height- nice and practical for you at home.


I have included the 2nd lesson on Andy Goldsworthy below: Using natural materials to make paths and walls. Well done to Aidan and Bea who used natural materials for their art last week. Look at Bea's rock tower and turtle below (sorry Aidan your picture wouldn't download). There is also a worksheet which I wouldn’t necessarily expect you to complete but just take a picture if you create anything: I’d love to see it!

Home learning from week beginning 4th May

Home Learning Week beginning 11th May: Please see details for Maths, English, Art and R.E for this week.


This week in maths I would like children to revisit addition and subtraction strategies already covered in year 1 to ensure that they are secure. Once again I have set powerpoints which include activities to work through- no printing required. I have also set corresponding activities to complete on Mathletics plus some number bond activities on the MathsShed side of SpellingShed- children use their SpellingShed login. I have also linked the White Rose videos which support this.

If you are using the White Rose videos and would like this week's accompanying worksheets they are below (previously they have been free to download but aren't any longer).


This week’s English work is all from the next Talk for Writing booklet for year 1: Pipety Skycap A tale of Mischief. I have donated money to Great Ormond Street Hospital for this so by completing the booklet you are helping others too! (Parent’s you are not required to donate for its use too).

English Learning Booklet


This term at school in Art we would have been studying the artist Andy Goldsworthy. He used lots of natural materials in his artwork. This week the focus is on sorting items by material and colour. Look at the slides and have a go. Why not use this as a focus for your daily outside time and hunt for natural materials to bring home to sort into colours?Can you take a picture of how you have sorted materials into colour?

RE- The Good Samaritan

This RE learning can last a couple of weeks. 

Below is an animated youtube video of the story as well as a hard copy of the story which is on the PDF of related activities which you may want to dip into and select which ones you’d like to complete.

Can you act out the story with another family member? Or use the puppets at the bottom of the Pdf to retell the story?

The good Samaritan was neighbourly. What can you do to be neighbourly and help others? Have you helped out at home or perhaps your family has helped someone else out at this difficult time? I’d love to hear stories of how you have helped out!

The Good Samaritan - Holy Tales Bible Stories - Parables of Jesus Christ

The Good Samaritan - Holy Tales Bible Stories The parable of the Good Samaritan is a parable told by Jesus in the Gospel of Luke.

Let's celebrate the wonderful home learning happening. Thank you to everyone who has sent pictures. It would be lovely to hear from you if you haven't contacted us. It makes my day to receive an email from one of you!

Home Learning Week beginning 4th May

This week your Art, Science and English is all linked.


We have another book to support learning written by Eric Carle: The Tiny Seed- I do love his illustrations! Below is a youtube link to the story being read aloud (it's American I’m afraid).


Can you list the things which can help the seed and the things that can hurt the seed? (See pdf of activities to support)


Can you create a collage or picture of the plant which grows from the tiny seed and label the parts?

The Tiny Seed by Eric Carle

A beautiful tale of adventure and inspiration. Watch and listen as The Tiny Seed travels through the seasons on an adventure of a lifetime!

Can you investigate seed inside different fruits? Cut fruits in half and find the seeds. How many are there? Can you draw the fruit and seeds?

Maths W/B 4th May

This week it would be great if you can ensure that the children really understand the term half and quarter. Perhaps link this to the art/science when cutting fruits? Below are a couple of videos to help as well as a powerpoint plus a link to the White Rose Maths site which has some great teaching videos.

1 quarter (Fractions Song) 1 of 4 equal parts

1 quarter (Fractions Song) 1 of 4 equal parts is a song all about the fraction 1 quarter. A great way to help children learn and remember the fraction 1 quar...

Fractions Year 1 - Finding Quarters of Shapes

VE Day

On Friday it is the 75th VE day anniversary celebrations. I have included a powerpoint for information plus a spitfire glider to make out of paper if you have a printer. There is also a link to a short film to explain what VE day is.

Perhaps you could celebrate by making sandwiches and doing some baking for a special picnic? Could you decorate the table specially? Or make a special hat to wear for the tea party? Please do send in photos!

Parents- I saw this in case you wanted to build some of the ideas into your VE day!

A menu of home learning activities for Year 1 children.

Home Learning Week beginning 27th April.

Please find below learning for this week. I have added some English, Maths and R.E plus set tasks on SpellingShed and Mathletics (which I can monitor). Please just do what you can. A little bit of English and Maths each day plus another activity which you enjoy such as crafts or exercise is plenty.

English. Week beginning 27th April. Please find a link to a great booklet designed especially to support home learning. It Is a lovely story and can be workd through on screen and using paper to complete activities. It does not have to be printed.

Spelling: It is helpful for children to be able to read and spell all of the Year 1 common excpetion words. I have included a list here and will upload seplling lists on the spelling shed with these words in them.

Maths (week beginning 27th April)- the next two weeks will be about understanding halves and quarters. Please find lessons and activities on the powerpoint links below plus links to videos to support learning. I will also set corresponding activities to complete on Mathletics.

Fractions - Halves and Quarters

Learn about fractions with halves and quarters.

Fractions Year 1 - Making 1 with Halves and Quarters

R.E- Rainbow of Hope and Promise 

Watch Noahs Ark (below). Talk through the story together; what were the main things that happened?  Do they think that it would have been easy for Noah to trust God?  Why do they think that he chose to do this? What kind of a world did Noah hope for? Talk to the children about the rainbow that was put in the sky.  Remind them that the rainbow was a symbol of hope because God promised to never flood the world again. 

Create a rainbow together and write the children’s hopes for the future under the rainbow. Talk about the world today, what would make the world a better place?  What things do the children hope for in the future that would make the world better? Create a rainbow together and write the children’s hopes for the future under the rainbow.


Noah and the Flood

This animated bible story for kids is based on Genesis 6-9:17

Home Learning Week beginning 20th April.

Dear Parents,

There is no pressure to do all of the activities outlined below; however anything that you can do will support your child.


Once again the English work is based on The Hungry Caterpillar (see video below if you do not have the book). 


  • Can you read/listen to the story then re-tell it to  your family? You could draw a story map to help you get the events in order when you re-tell the story.
  • Can you write your own version of the story? Can you substitute the foods that the caterpillar ate? Did he instead munch a delicious pizza or a scrumptious doughnut or a juicy pineapple? Be inventive and try to use an adjective to describe your food. E.g scrumptious, delicious, crunchy, juicy, yummy.
  • Spelling:Can you spell the days of the week? I will set a list on spelling Shed for most chikdren to help learn to spell the days of the week. Remeber days are proper nouns and need capital letters.



This week the children will continue to look at simple multiplication and division. Please find the next 3 lessons to work through with your child. I will set correspondng activites on Mathletics.



Bringing people together through creativity to share a message of love, hope and unity.

Please follow the link below to find a space created by the Real Ideas Organisation, for peolpe to share thier creativity during lock down. Why not get creative, visit the site and upload what you come up with.

Home learning week beginning Tuesday 14th April.


Please find the links below for 3 maths lessons. Children will be taking a first look at multiplication, please follow the slides and tal through the activities with the children; not all children will be able to complete all activities. I will set coresonding activites to complete on Mathletics. Also look at the Whiterose Maths site linked below as this is briliant.

I have also included the link for a counting in 5s and a counting in 10s song-the children love these!


Using the book 'The Hungry Caterpillar or the link below please read with the children. This week I would like the children to draw and label the lifecycle of a butterfly. For some creatiive time can you paint or use collage to create a butterfly? Why not add it to your window for passers by to enjoy looking at?

I will also set some spellings on spelling shed.

Count 10-100 | Count by 10 Song | The Singing Walrus

The Singing Walrus presents Counting by Tens, a fun and interactive numbers song for kids that helps young children learn how to count from 10-100 by tens. T...

Count by fives | Skip counting songs | The Singing Walrus

The Singing Walrus presents the math song "Counting by fives", a fun and interactive counting song that helps young children learn how to count from 5-50 by ...

The Very Hungry Caterpillar - Animated Film

In the internationally acclaimed The Very Hungry Caterpillar, a tiny caterpillar eats and eats...and eats his way through the week. Taken from The Very Hungry ...

Spring Term 2020

Happy New Year and welcome to the Spring Term in Year 1. Keep checking this page to keep up to date with our learning. We are looking forward to making lots of discoveries in this term's topic 'To The Edge Of The World.' Please see below for details on our curriculum letter and poster.

Please have a read of our space poems; we matched nouns and verbs.

Forest school: we had a great time learning about how to make fire safely, we even toasted our own marshmallows!

2.3.20 Book Week: we began our book week with a day of books. Our treasure box gave us a new book to unwrap each lesson. We enjoyed some brilliant stories such as: Dogs Don’t Do Ballet; Stickman; Paper Dolls and The Smeds and the Smoos. We took part in many book related activities such as making our own stick men, making paper doll chains and becoming illustrators.We even finished the day enjoying milk and cookes for our 'book at bedtime' We LOVE BOOKS!

Mayflower Day: KS1 had an amazing day immersed in our history learning all about the Mayflower voyage. We used our oracy skills in discussions, we made ships biscuits, mapped the course to the New World, made headdresses worn by the Native Americans AND even set sail in a ‘real’ ship in the school hall!

30.1.20 R.E trail: We loved welcoming visitors to our classroom and teaching them about the Jewish faith.

15.1.20: We visited the Mayflower Steps to see the site where the Pilgrim Fathers departed for the New World in 1620. On our way we spotted buildings which were also built a very long time ago.

Matilda, our reading buddy bear, had a great time with Scarlett and read lots of books with her.

R.E: we have been thinking about objects and items which are precious to us.

Autumn Term 2019

This term our cross curricular topic is:

From Land’s End to John O’Groats

We will be going on a virtual tour of the UK learning about local food, music, art, sports and significant events throughout history.


We will explore; Cornwall, London, Wales, Ireland and Scotland.

Please find below the curriculum letter and poster for the Autumn term.

Beatrice read us a story today which she brought in from home. We enjoyed hearing The Dog Who Went to School.

We enjoyed a delicious Christmas lunch!

Great British Cooking. We had a wonderful morning learning cooking skills and preparing food from around the U.K ready for our Great British Tea Pary in the afternoon.

Phonics open morning. Thank you to everyone who attended our open morning. For your information, here is the presentation. I hope to hold another open morning soon for those who were unable to attend.

We’ve been learning all about 2D and 3D shapes. We especially enjoyed hunting for them!

5.11.19: we visited the library where Austen read us stories and we chose books to take back to school to enjoy. Year 1 love reading!

Autumn: this week we are looking at the season of autumn. We found lots of autumn leaves in the playground and then used observational skills to draw them.

Don’t we all look splendid in our posh clothes!

What a fantastic day we’ve had: We came to school dressed smartly ready for a royal day and a tea party! We learnt to walk like a royal, we learnt to bow/curtsy, we made crowns and painted portraits of the Queen. Finally in the afternoon, the tiger came to tea and we taught him proper manners and luckily this time he didn't eat all the food or make a mess!

Story time. Story time in Year 1 is special; we love to share new stories and discover new words. We welcome anyone who would like to share a story with us. Thank you to Aidan’s mum and Eve’s dad who have been our guest story tellers.

1st stop Land’s End: we took the ‘bus’ to Land’s End and learnt about the geographical features there.

ALERT: we think that it was a tiger who messed up our tea things in class- he upturned chairs and scattered books! We are on the look out for him and have made posters to help find him!

Paired reading. We enjoyed our 1st session joining with Year 4 to share stories.

We went on a hunt to find numicon which matched our number.

6.9.19:We’ve had a busy few days settling into class. We have played, counted, drawn self portraits, written about ourselves and learnt some new songs.

11.9.19: We had a very exciting hour exploring and experimenting in our STEM workshop.