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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6!

Welcome to the Summer Term at St Andrew's!

This term our topic is Citius, Altius , Fortius.

We will be studying the Ancient Greeks as well as looking at Olympic history and forward to the forthcoming Olympic games.



Dates for your diary:


  • Friday 10th June: Sports day
  • Friday 24th June: Junior life skills event (More details to follow shortly)
  • Friday 1st July-Monday 4th July: Beam house residential
  • Thursday 7th July: Outdoor Adventure Activities Day at Mount Edgecombe - 9am-4.45pm. Please bring packed lunch, plenty of water, sun cream and a waterproof. Children will need to wear sensible outdoor clothes.
  • Friday 8th July: Summer Fair-The Year 6 children will be running stalls.
  • Monday 11th, Wednesday 13th and Thursday 15th are the Year 6 sailing mornings-please check your letter to see which morning your child is taking part.
  • Friday 22nd July: Leaver's production @9.30 a.m.

We had a fantastic time at the OAA (Outdoor Adventure Activities) day at Mount Edgcombe. We took part in problem solving challenges, orienteering, survivor and beach art.

Wednesday 6th June- the Year 6 class had fun trying out fencing and archery.

Friday 1st July- the children who did not go on this year's residential trip had a fantastic time taking part in a Swim Safe lesson at Tinside pool.

Today, Thursday 26th May, the Year 6 class took part in a sports fun day which was run by Premier Sport. We had great fun taking part in activities such as ultimate frisbee, lacrosse and an 'Olympic Games' afternoon.

Mmmm tasty! We have used delicious Mediterranean ingredients to make Greek salad and savoury Greek style muffins.

Today (Friday 13th May), the Year 6 class took over our school kitchen!

We been having fun playing hockey; we have been developing our skills as well as learning about spacing when playing a match.

We are creating mythical beasts using wire for the structure and then papier-mâché. Look at the photos to see how far we've got- see if you can guess what the finished models will look like!

And the finished products.......

Our Medusa artwork inspired by our work in literacy.





Spring term:



This term our topic is Planet Protectors. In particular we will be focusing on  South America and the Amazon rainforest. Where possible all of our learning will be linked to this; we have some fantastic activities planned including learning how to perform the samba music of Brazil and a visit to the Eden project to experience a real rainforest (or as close as we can get in the U.K!).  Our class novel this term is ‘Running Wild’ by Michael Morpurgo-we will be using this fantastic novel to inspire a lot of the children’s writing this term.

Dates for the diary:
Fridays 22nd January and 5th February: First aid training with the Red Cross
Friday 5th February(morning): A trip to see the author Cathy Cassidy
Wednesday 24th February: A trip to the Eden Project in Cornwall
Wednesday 16th March 9.10 am: Year 6's class assembly

The Year Six children have produced some fantastic homework researching an animal that lives in the rainforest. See below for some examples of their beautiful work.

Autumn Term 2015




'Shh....walls have ears'



Our topic this term is called
"Shh...walls have ears!"
and relates to World War 2.



We will be finding out lots of information about this period of history.




Keep your eyes sharp but your voices low and revisit our pages regularly.




Week 2 - Our mission so far...

The class have had another action packed week and achieved so much already.

The children all enjoyed a day out at the National Aquarium for the STEMfest. Here they learned about science, technology, engineering and maths through a range of fun activities.


Using their maths skills, the class tried to float a cargo ship across the ocean to make a profit.


Using their technology skills, the children worked together to build a hydraphone!


Thinking of how to engineer and code-break, the class sent a series of messages flying through the tubing using a home made bazooka!


Thinking scientifically, the class investigated the wonders of our oceans.

Letter writing

The class have continued to enjoy their letter writing. This week they have thought more about how a letter would have been written during World War 2 from the point of view of an evacuee. They all read a number of original letters and highlighted the key words and phrases that show they were from the war. They will magpie some of these for their own work. 




The class are all becoming more confident and efficient using short and long multiplication and division. Please check our maths policy and examples on the website to help them with this method.

Online Safety

The children are always reminded and taught how to be safe online. The school competition was launched this week to create a piece of work that promotes safety on the Internet. 

The children are currently learning an e-safety song. It has been uploaded to the website and should be found on these pages.


We have been investigating forces and this week the children used Newton Meters to measure the force needed to keep an object suspended in the air.

Week 1 - The battle commences...



What an action packed first week the children have had! We are delighted at the way the class have settled and are enjoying the new topic this term. Here are some highlights...

Design Technology

The class really enjoyed researching information about gas masks of World War 2 and how they were designed and constructed.

They applied their cutting and assembling skills to create their own gas masks.

Using their research, the children created posters about Gas Masks.



Letter writing

The children have been learning about letter writing and this week planned, drafted and finally wrote a letter each to Buckingham Palace. They congratulated the Queen on her 63 years as our monarch and are eagerly anticipating a reply!

Keeping healthy

The class have been using their evasion and ball handling skills this week as they begin their tag-rugby training. They have some super skills already and are really adept at keeping their passes going.

Life as an evacuee

As part of our research for letter writing, the children were each given a real life example of an evacuee and their experiences. Going around the room, they needed to find out the name and circumstances of each one. This really got them thinking about how life was like as a child during World War 2.