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Y6 Learning




Hello Y6,


The weather has certainly changed this week and we are in the middle of some scorching sunshine. As usual, it has been another fun and enjoyable few days in Y6. It is fantastic that you are able to spend the last few weeks of your time at St Andrew's with your classmates and friends.


We are well underway with ideas for when you leave St Andrew's and start your secondary school journey and because we are unable to have a leavers' assembly due to current Covid-19 school guidance, it has been decided that we will have a photo presentation and a goodbye video. Plans for this have already started! Next week, we will start recording messages as well as singing and dancing! Keep thinking of ideas for your message, photo or video. 


All home learning is in the 'Y6 Home Learning' folder on GoogleClassroom. 


See you all on Monday.


Mr Pope



Y6 Home Learning




Hello Y6,


Wow - I have been impressed this week. We are already three weeks into this term and I'm so pleased with how you all continue to adapt. I am delighted that we have 21 children back in Y6 and with the potential of some more children in the next few weeks - that is a truly excellent figure! 

As you know, I have updated our Y6 Home Learning folder on GoogleDrive and GoogleClassroom and there are some lovely art and coding activities this week as well as a continuation of this week's English and maths. Keep sending me your work and we can share them in class when we are all back together on Monday. It is really nice to see what you are doing at home when you are not with me. 

Remember to keep thinking of ideas for when you leave St Andrew's at the end of this term; if you have any different ones to what we have discussed, let me know when we are all back together. All ideas have to keep to current guidelines and social distancing rules. Ask your parents too because they might have thought of something.


We are thinking of you all. Here at St Andrew’s we want all our children and families to flourish in every way. On this page you will find links and resources to support wellbeing and mental health at this unprecedented time. The links and resources we share are to be used by anyone: children and adults alike.


See you soon,


Mr Pope



Y6 Home Learning




Hello Y6,


It has been fantastic to see so many of you back at school over the past couple of weeks; we have truly missed your smiley faces over the past couple of months. You have all had so many different experiences during lockdown but the one thing that remains constant in all of this is your fantastic ability to adapt to these changes. It has been different in school but everyone has coped magnificently. Well done!


In the next few weeks, the children that are attending school will be writing an email to those of you that remain at home - who we miss so much. We believe that it is important to keep in touch with everyone throughout this difficult time. Keep checking your inboxes.


I'm continuing to update the Y6 home learning folder and Google Classroom. The work is now organised in folders for each week - you are still fine to look at work from previous weeks too. If anyone is having problems accessing this or needs support with their work then email me or add a comment to Google Classroom.


Keep safe,


Mr Pope

Y6 Home Learning



Home Learning Pack


Hello again everyone,


I hope that you have all had a fantastic week of home learning and a restful weekend - we are so lucky that the sun is shining whilst we are on lockdown. It is great to hear from so many of you on a regular basis. I'm being sent some lovely work - a huge variety of work that I have set, mixed with work or projects that you are doing yourself. Keep it up!


Classroom Secrets have been producing some excellent home learning packs full of many subjects. I have added them to Google Classroom and you can access them below too. Take a look! 


Remember - next week is actually half-term so please give yourself a break from learning. Maybe, send me some pictures of what you get up to and we can put that in our shared learning folder. 


I'm missing you all - keep safe,


Mr Pope

Y6 Home Learning



A Letter from Mr Pope


Hello Y6,


This, for me, is the strangest week so far during this lockdown because this should be the week that you finally sit your SATs tests for maths, reading, spelling, grammar and punctuation.  Instead, we are all at home, learning in a variety of ways and wondering exactly when we will all meet up again together. Some of you, I’m sure, will be really happy that you don’t have to take the tests because they cause a great deal of anxiety but there will be others that are sad about it because it was their chance to ‘show off’ what they have learnt during their time at St Andrew’s Primary School.


I just wanted you to know how proud I am of EVERY single one of you – because I truly am. Everyone at St Andrew’s knows how hard you have worked over the years and the progress that you have made. Even without your SATs scores, I will make sure that your new school know just how GREAT you are: I have been e-mailing secondary schools about transitions and filling out forms to tell your new teachers all about you. I have a lot of data about how you were doing at school and predictions that I made for your SATs scores and when the Government give us more advice about how this will be used then I will let you know straight away.


Remember though:  The tests don’t assess what makes each of you special and unique and the people that set them and score them don’t know you like we do. Certainly not in the way that your families do! You are all special: some of you speak many languages, some have a natural talent for dancing or playing an instrument, some of you play sports for teams, some of you are just the kindest brothers and sisters! There are many ways of being smart. You are all smart. Make sure that you reflect on this over the course of the week and think about the amazing and awesome things that make you, YOU!


Last night Boris Johnson said that foundation, Y1 and Y6 could be back to school in June. We will wait to hear more news about how that will happen.


Keep safe,


Mr Pope


Y6 Home Learning



Hello everyone,


I hope that you are all safe and well. I'm missing you all and it feels a bit strange this week because normally we would be having our final week of revision before SATs. Instead, we are all at home learning in a variety of different ways. I'm still adding more more to the Y6 Home Learning folder on GoogleClassroom - the best thing to do is to choose an English and Maths activity each day and then some other science or topic activities. Some children have started some learning projects about ancient Greece and the ancient/modern Olympics. There are many other great learning packs in the folder to. Below is a list of some great websites which have video learning to accompany the work and have been set up specifically for home learning: Maths English, maths, science, geography and history English, maths, science, geography and history


If you have any problems or you just want to send an email to say hello and send me some work, please message me on GoogleClassroom or send me an email on


Keep safe,


Mr Pope

Y6 Home Learning



Y6 Home Learning

Here are some examples of work that some of the Y6 children have been doing at home - as you can see, there is a wide-variety.


This has been added to GoogleClassroom:



Good morning,

New home learning: later on this afternoon, I’ll be adding on some new home learning packs that I have found online. Take a look through and try something that takes your interest. I will call the folder: HOME LEARNING PACKS. There will be English reading & writing, maths, history and geography learning in there.

Here is a link to a new book which you can read online - The book of Hope. It is completely free for all children and families, the extraordinary collection of short stories, poems, essays and pictures has contributions from more than 110 children’s writers and illustrators, including Lauren Child, Anthony Horowitz, Greg James and Chris Smith, Michael Morpurgo, Liz Pichon, Axel Scheffler, Francesca Simon and Jacqueline Wilson.

There is also a link to masterclasses given by famous authors. Check for the 7-11 age range.

Let me know what you think.

Keep safe,

Mr Pope



Y6 Home Learning



This message is also on GoogleClassroom for you:


Hi Y6,


I hope that you are still really well and staying safe. I'm missing you all and can't wait to see you soon. I have heard from many of you but haven't heard from everyone yet - however, I can see that you are active on many platforms: Mathletics, Spelling Shed, etc. Keep that up!  I'd love to hear from EVERYONE,  so please let me know how you are by leaving a comment on GoogleClassroom or by emailing my school e-mail address - I will respond.

Thanks so much to all the children that have been sharing work with me via e-mail, GoogleDrive or GoogleClassroom. If you send me a piece of work, I will write a comment on it in another colour and respond to your work. I have added a folder to the 'Y6 Home Learning' folder and called it 'Shared Learning'. If you would like to share some of your work and pictures so that the rest of the children can see what you are doing, then add it to that folder. If you can't add it to the folder then share it with me and I can put it there for you. You still have the option of just sharing it just with me though.

Oak National Academy

You may have seen on the news that there are some excellent online lessons that have been set up for you to access. Please use the link which takes you straight to the Y6 area. There will be lessons each day for you to follow. Let me know if you like them.

BBC Bitesize Home Learning

BBC have set up some online home learning too. I have put the link to this below. Again, this will be updated each week and it has many online videos to help.

White Rose  

I will continue to update the Y6 Home Learning Folder with new White Rose material each week. The link is below which takes you straight to the video lesson, worksheet and answers. Many children have commented about how they are enjoying this.

Keep safe and keep in touch,

Mr Pope



All Y6 children can access Google Classroom at home. They will need to sign in to their Google account with their St Andrew's Primary School e-mail which ends with - they then add their password. If they are working on a device that they haven't added their account on yet, click on 'add account'. They can then sign in.  Once they are signed in to their google account, they can click on the square of nine dots in the top right-hand corner. Google Classroom will show as one of the available app; it can also be downloaded as an app on an ipad. Once Google Classroom is accessed, home learning will appear on the 'stream' section. All work has been added to a folder called Y6 Home Learning: English, Maths, Science & Others. Clicking on this link will allow access to the folder & it can be added to GoogleDrive by right clicking and clicking on'Add to Drive'. Any new work can be added to this folder in the future. There isn't a set way to complete the work - work can be completed online on GoogleDocs and shared with me or it can be completed on paper, in books or even kept in folders. The work can be marked together with your child at home - I will endeavour to include answer sheets wherever possible. When we all return to school, all children can share work in class and we can celebrate all their successes!


GoogleClassroom code: xylu3oz


If there are any problems whatsover, please send me a message on GoogleClassroom.


Y6 children also have access to many websites and apps which they can use to further their learning in English and maths. Please see the links below:



Log-in and work will be set.



Keep learning times tables and improve multiplication speed!


Spelling Shed and Maths Shed

Work has been set and games can be played to keep up maths and English learning.

Continue with courses from class or free code.



Some children have recently signed up and created a scratch account. If your child hasn't, they can sign up by creating an account using their school e-mail.


Details of loads of websites for your use are below. A number of sites are offering their resources for free during this uncertain time so let's make the most of using them!


Twinkl -
A teacher resource website is offering use of their home learning packs for free – just create an account and enter code UKTWINKLHELPS or CVDTWINKLHELPS and you have free access. The packs offer a range of activities across the curriculum. Specific year group links are listed below:


Reception -

Year 1 -

Year 2 -

Year 1 and Year 2 – story based activities -

Year 3 -

Year 4 -

Year 5 -

Year 6 -



Teachers' Pet -
Another great teacher resource website which has created free home learning packs for all year groups:


Reception -

Year 1 and 2 -

Year 3 and 4 -

Year 5 and 6 -




White Rose maths home learning - we follow White Rose maths for our planning so this will be really useful!  Lots of free things coming out soon. - this is BRILLIANT to demonstrate mathematical methods and concepts!  A teacher and her daughter (Amber) make videos taking you step by step through methods.  Mainly aimed at Y2 & 3 but can be accessed by all and adapted where needed! – a wide range of activities for Maths and English


Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 – the website is free anyway. A fabulous site full of activities and games around phonics, reading and spelling. This App is currently being offered for FREE so take this chance to grab it now!  If you have an Android phone, there is a 99p charge as, apparently, Google won’t offer the same thing again for free within a certain time frame.


Google play link -

Apple store link - – phonics games and activities - free e-books, maths games & activities - this is GREAT for a picture a day with lots of creative writing ideas based around it.  - maths and spelling practice - although this is a paid subscription, you can sign up for a free 14 day trial! It's good! - again this is a paid subscription, but you can have a free 14 day trial! 

WHOLE CURRICULUM - all subject areas.  Lots of games and activities linked across the curriculum. - YouTube home learning channels

SCIENCE & STEM - some FAB science ideas here! – exciting STEM projects to keep you busy

OUTDOOR LEARNING / PHYSICAL - fab outdoor learning activities for a range of curriculum areas.  Free access has been granted; it’s great! - Learning through Landscapes outdoor work – Go Noodle songs!! - Cosmic Kids Yoga - BBC Super Movers - 30-Day Lego Challenge - Premier League Primary Stars - The Body Coach - Youth Sport Trust (Home Learning Resource) - AVSSP Fitness Resource




real PE at home – online learning resources 

real PE at home includes an online programme which supports families to be active, play and learn together. It includes a programme specifically for children in Early Years and Key Stage 1 with 12 themes, 6 areas, over 250 activities and challenges and 1000s of hours of fun and activity. This programme is also great for family play and fun.

It also includes a programme for children in Key Stage 2, with daily and weekly guidance provided for both programmes (starting from this week) in addition to an option to choose your own themes and activities.

There are so many benefits to being active, not only to our physical wellbeing but also to our emotional and mental health, especially in such testing times for all of us. We hope that the ideas help support you and your family to stay fit and healthy in the coming months. Here are the details to access real PE at home:

The website address is: 
Parent email:
Password: standrewsc




Down in the Jungle


Our new curriculum topic for the term is ‘Down in the Jungle’.


This topic will have a focus on South America and Indonesia.


Our class novel in English this term is ‘Running Wild’ by Michael Morpurgo - we will be using this fantastic novel to inspire a lot of the children’s writing. We are still reading ‘Letters from the Lighthouse’ by Emma Carroll as our end of day story - the children love it.


Please use the links below to see the curriculum letter and poster for our topic.

Shh Walls Have Ears      



Our new curriculum topic SHH WALLS HAVE EARS is a study of World War 2 and its effect on Plymouth and our local area. This topic has a historical focus, as we uncover hidden war-time treasures that have been discovered in our local area. Also, it will delve into the secret world of codes and ciphers. We will also have a geography link, as we study the impact of the war on the whole world. In art, we will be inspired by the artist L.S Lowry. Please use the links below to access the curriculum poster and letter that is linked to this topic:




World War 2 Trip

Y6 have just had the most exciting experience - a visit to The Soapbox Theatre at Devonport Park. In the corner of Devonport Park sits the Soapbox Children's Theatre. The modest brick building juts out amongst the 33 acres of green Victorian parkland and is home to Stiltskin Theatre Company.The historic structure in Devonport Park is one of the last remaining venues of its kind in the country and certainly the only one that has been converted into a theatre for children.The unique theatre company create specialist theatre projects for children and young people.


This month, in the run up to remembrance day, they have been offering an immersive learning experience on the Plymouth Blitz for local school children - which is very apt considering the theatre started life as WWII mustard gas decontamination unit.


Y6 were lucky enough to visit just before remembrance day.

World War 2 Memorabilia

The children in the class are really interested in our topic and have been speaking to their parents, grandparents and great-grandparents about World War 2. Some children have brought in memorabilia and shared this with the class; it is always fascinating learning about something when family members have experience of it.

Working Scientifically!

Y6 have just had one of their most enjoyable lessons so far - making and testing gravity spinners as part of our forces topic. They had to investigate if the force of gravity increases or decreases the speed and object falls when it becomes heavier.




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Christmas Fun!

We have been having lots of fun over the past week: making Christmas decorations, Christmas cards, working scientifically & even learning how to use an indoor rowing machine!



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