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Year 4

Moor to Sea


Welcome back to the Summer Term!

There are lots of exciting learning opportunities planned for the weeks ahead. Keep visiting these pages to find out 'moor' and 'sea' what we have been up to!




The class have developed map reading skills, using grid references and a key to find locations and co-ordinates on a map. They have begun to understand how to use a compass too for orienteering and navigation.

A visit from the dentist


The class had a great time learning all about keeping their teeth healthy. Thank you to Spa Dental for taking the time to visit!



Top Tips


2 minutes brushing twice a day

Reduce sugary drinks and snacks

Circular brushing

No milk or food after brushing your teeth before bed


Our class's rather good.



The children have been really enjoying their sport this term.

We have been learning how to throw the javelin and have been playing tennis too.

The plants are growing!




The class are really enjoying their lessons and are now composing their own songs.

Reading with Year 1

The children are really enjoying their weekly reading sessions in the Year 1 classroom. Everyone is involved and the atmosphere is great!

Our new class read...


Having thoroughly enjoyed a Morpurgo classic, the children have been keen for more. Our new read is the great...


Year 4 Coding competition.


A huge well done to the 5 children who represented the school in the Plymouth coding competition. 

Using watercolours


The class have developed their mixing skills and used primary colours to make all the colours of the rainbow.

The plants are REALLY growing now....

Even more sport...

The class have been developing their hockey skills with Mr. Thomas. He has been very impressed with their ball control and use of a stick - for many it has been the first time they have tried the sport.


Making outdoor signs


Using acrylic paints, the children have created signs on reclaimed timber. These have been based on designs that they had made.

An emotional farewell to Kensuke....


It is hard to follow such a great story, but the children have been desperate to hear a new one. Our daily read has been chosen ....






















Come back to see what we get up to in the last few weeks of term!



have arrived!


As part of science week, the class have been creating new habitats for insects - 'Bug Hotels'




The class used hacksaws and bench-hooks to cut their bamboo to the correct size. They used some very good techniques to cut correctly.


Some of the children used some oil to protect a bird box that we will be placing in a tree soon. It will hopefully attract sparrows or blue tits.

Year 4 Science - Day 15


The seedlings are all looking very healthy. The sunflowers are growing well, as are the peas in the tubes. The dwarf beans in the bags have germinated really well.




The seedlings need to be 'potted' on and transplanted to larger pots before going outside.

We did not want to use plastic so the class have made over 100 newspaper pots which can be planted directly into the soil and decompose in a safe and environmentally friendly way.




Year 4 Roman Assembly


The class confidently performed in front of the school, singing songs and performing poetry. They looked splendid in their outfits too.







Germination in Science - Day 7

Seedlings are appearing!





Seedlings have begun to appear, much to the delight of the children. The broad beans have got some roots and stems are appearing too.





Science - growing from Seeds.

Our new topic in science is all about plants.

We have been planting some seeds - over 500 in fact! 





E-Safety Day


The school celebrated Safer Internet Day and the class enjoyed dressing up as an E-safety superhero. They performed short plays with an E-safety theme and discussed how they could keep safe online.









Science - All about Light

The class concluded their learning this term about light by measuring a shadow throughout the day. They collected a variety of data and investigated what affects the length of the shadow. It was a warm and sunny day !






The class enjoyed painting their own versions of the Baptism, inspired by famous artists and their techniques.







The class have really enjoyed learning about Roman art and creating mosaics of Roman numerals.



The class have been developing their football skills and are learning to control the ball and win a tackle.






The class have been learning all about Trinity and Incarnation and what these terms mean. We looked at metaphors to try to help us understand Trinity better.






We have been learning all about fractions! The class have been using lots of equipment, cards and cubes to represent fractions in different ways. It has really helped their learning before moving onto the numbers.




The class have just finished their poetry unit. The have created some fantastic poems about the moon, Sun, the world around us as well as some funny personification poems about our school.


They watched Michael Rosen and performed the poem 'Don't'


























 Welcome to the        


Welcome back! We have had a fantastic start to the term already. Keep checking the class pages to see what the children have been up to in class.

Please click on the links below to see the curriculum letter and map for Year 4. These provide important information about the term ahead.

Maths Open Morning


This was a great success. Thank you to the thirteen parents who came along to class. We all enjoyed having you there!



The children have been studying rocks and investigating waterproof properties.

Stone Age Day


The children had a wonderful day dressed in their Stone Age outfits.

Click the links to see our videos!



The class are really enjoying developing their ball skills out in the Autumn sunshine.



The skills and confidence of the children continue to develop every week. This week we have been learning Jingle Bells.



The children have completed their Stone Age adventures based on the book Stone Age Boy and have now published them using Google Docs.



The children have been investigating the 66 books of the Bible and using the contents page to find chapter and verse in the Old and New Testament.



The children have been using their reasoning and problem solving skills each week. They are really enjoying the activity Make the number and All, Some, None or One!



The children completed their Stone Age Jewellery and tools.





The class have now learnt all of the short methods of calculation and will be practising every Thursday morning in school. Here is a recap of the methods. 








Design Technology


The class have enjoyed designing their Stone Age jewellery and have begun to make their beads from clay.



Shooting hoops


School Council Elections


The children worked hard with their partners to prepare their

presentations to the class.




Awaiting the result....


The class have started to practise their ball skills outside in the sunshine!


The class have been using chalk to create their own cave drawings.