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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5


Welcome to Year 5! After a very different year, we are over the moon to be welcoming you all back to school. We have lots of fun plans for this year, and are so excited to get stuck into our learning. Mr Napier and Mrs Duboisson are really looking forward to getting to know you, and I am delighted to be spending another year with you! There is a letter coming out this week (we will also upload it here) packed full of vital information, so please read it carefully, and let us know if you have any queries.


This term our topic is 'Earth, Space and Beyond'. In Science we will start off by studying Earth and the solar system. Soon our young scientists will aim to explore light and colour right across the spectrum! We have already begun to step back in time in a voyage of discovery with the ancient Maya civilisations and are digging deep in world of biographies.


Optional home tasks- 13.11.2020

Have a go at these tasks at home, if you would like to.


The first task is the instructions for Hubbub, the traditional Native American game played by the Wampanoag people. Use the game pieces we made in school, you will just need to ask your grown ups for a bowl.


The second task is a talking activity, based on the recent achievements of Marcus Rashford.  

Remembrance - Eleventh hour, on the Eleventh day of the Eleventh month: To remember all those fallen in the line of duty to their country during conflict and wars, Year 5 have made poppy covered letters, archive photographic collage and written out various Armistice poems this week.

Place Value on the Playground: We recently revised our knowledge of Roman Numeral values using sticks to recreate randomly chosen numbers.

Friday 23rd October- Half Term Homework
As you know, October is Black History Month. Who is your black history hero? They could be from any walk of life including a leader, a musician, a scientist, an artist, a business person, a doctor, a sporting hero etc... they could even be a family member or a friend. Read the letter below for information about your task. I've also included some additional links all about Black History Month, for your information.

Maths Place Value Homework: Comparing & Ordering (w/b 5/10/20)

Grammar Homework:

Follow up activity to Grammar lesson on adverbial clauses. w/b 2nd November 2020

Grammar follow up task linked to recognising and writing Relative Clauses (using Relative Pronouns) as we have explored with our Biographies in English. Click on the PDF below, read aloud the examples in the green box then copy/type the five sentences in FOCUS, identifying the Relative Clause (underline) and select the noun it tells us about (circle/in bold). On the second page, EXTENSION, again you need to read through the example guidance then rearrange the sentence so the Relative Clause makes clear and grammatically correct sense.

Simple Past Tense and Present Perfect comparison homework (w/c 12.10.20)