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Welcome to Foundation!


Below we will share some photos of the fun we have in Foundation each week..

Dear Parents and Carers,

Please check Tapestry for home learning ideas during the school closures.

Thank you,

Mrs Tamblyn

We are always busy making in Foundation!

Our RE Faith Trail- learning about Christianity

We made a church in our role play area with a font
Matching vocabulary and key features of a church
Why is the cross so important to Christians?
We made our own churches!
Lots of parents and children visited our classroom
Whole families worked together
They had to answer lots of tricky questions!
We had a go at baptising a baby
Everyone had a great time and learnt a lot!

We have been doing lots of great reading and writing!

Race to the top Frozen game!
Writing words in our Phonics lessons
Practising letter formation
Making mini books
Making our own books!
Super Phase 3 sounds!
Writing sentences!

We are learning about 2D & 3D shapes, repeating patterns and measuring!

Finding shapes in pictures
Experimenting with 2D shapes
Building castles with 3D shapes
Making shape pictures
Colouring repeating patterns
Making patterns with 2 and 3 colours
Creating patterns with Duplo bricks
Measuring with pants!
Measuring with a metre ruler
Measuring in centimetres
Measuring with cubes

What does our learning look like in Foundation?

Maths appears in our play everyday!
We love reading and writing!
We are finding out about Winter and the Arctic!

Balance bikeability!

Spring Curriculum Letter


Our Nativity photo will soon appear in the Herald!


Still image for this video
We managed to get a little video of the lovely elf who decorated our classroom for us! I think he is just as excited as the children were!

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas in our classroom!

Math’s Open Morning

We read a number & added the right amount of beads
We drew around 2D shapes to make pictures
We then had to name the shapes we had used
We loved showing off our skills to our mummies
Adding pom-poms to Christmas trees was fun!
We worked so hard!

St. Andrew’s Day!

We had our first trip to St. Andrew’s Church!
We sang a song about the 12 disciples.
We loved seeing the stained glass windows.

Maths in Foundation!

We can read and write!

Changing and testing materials!

We made bread just like the Little Red Hen
We used a bread machine
We made houses for The Three Little Pigs
The Huff and Puff 2000 tried to blow them down!
We had to build strong houses!
We tested materials to see if they are waterproof
We made our own Incy Wincy Spiders
Then we made a house for the spiders
We have tested materials with magnets
Some were magnetic and some were not!
We recorded our results on a sheet
It was lots of fun!

We love to explore different materials!


Bonfire night
Remembrance day
Children in Need

Here is our first class photo!

We have been very busy during our first few weeks at school!