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Year 6


Summer Term 2022


Citius, Altius, Fortius: Faster, Higher, Stronger

Big Question: What will be your legacy?


Welcome back to an exciting, action-packed Summer term. We hope that you all had a fantastic Easter break! The children have all returned refreshed and ready for their final term at primary school!  Our new curriculum theme for the summer term is ‘Citius, Altius, Fortius’ which is an olympic motto for ‘Faster, Higher, Stronger’. There will be a focus on Ancient Greece and the Olympics. Our theme focuses on Ancient Greece, and we will be studying many aspects of what life was like in Ancient Greece. From politics to sport, medicine to art, we will find out just how many aspects of life as we know it have been influenced by Ancient Greek achievements and discoveries. Our Big Question is ‘What will be your legacy?


Please use the links below to see further information about our theme for this term:

Y6 Leavers' Photo Presentation 2022


Please click on the link above to view.

The Day the Ice Cream Van Visited!

Y6 have been a BRILLIANT class! As a way of rewarding them, the school provided ice creams for each child. There was an amazing choice & it was a fantastic treat after our water balloon fight earlier in the day.  

Barton Hall Residential 2022

Day 1 Monday 20th June


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Day 2 Tuesday 21st June


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Spring Term 2022  Down in the Jungle







Our new curriculum topic for the term is ‘Down in the Jungle’.


This topic will have a focus on South America and Indonesia.


Our class novel in English this term is ‘Running Wild’ by Michael Morpurgo - we will be using this fantastic novel to inspire a lot of the children’s writing. 


Please use the links below to see the curriculum letter and poster for our topic.



As part of our 'Down in the Jungle' theme this term, Year 6, together with Year 5, visited the spectacular Eden Project near St Austell. Both classes attended some engaging workshops centred around the rainforest biome, closely linked to our current Geography and Science objectives. The children considered what is the most essential items needed to survive and adapt to living in the rain-forest, before exploring first hand the importance of plants to provide native tribes with food, shelter and medicines.

NSPCC Number Day 2022


Y6 took part in a variety of number based activities as part of NSPCC Number Day 2022. By far the favourite activity amongst the class was the virtual maths lesson held by Mike Askew. The link to the lesson is below:


Here is some of the work that has been created a sa result of the task:

Autumn Term 2021  Shh Walls Have Ears      



Our new curriculum topic SHH WALLS HAVE EARS is a study of World War 2 and its effect on Plymouth and our local area. This topic has a historical focus, as we uncover hidden war-time treasures that have been discovered in our local area. Also, it will delve into the secret world of codes and ciphers. We will also have a geography link, as we study the impact of the war on the whole world. In art, we will be inspired by the artist L.S Lowry. Please use the links below to access the curriculum poster and letter that is linked to this topic:




Merry Christmas from Y6!

Please click on the link below to listen to Y6 singing LOVE SHONE DOWN (turn the volume down below halfway).


Love Shone Down.mp3

Y6 Christmas Relay Quiz 

The Big Christmas STEM Quiz 2021

World War 2 Day

Reading for Pleasure: Letters from the Lighthouse by Emma Carroll

Authors Aloud UK 

with Jeff Kinney


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Y6 Indoor Rowing

Y6 have had a fantastic morning learning how to use the indoor rowing machines and seeing how far they can row. After an initial safety input and demonstration about how to use the machines, all children had a practise on the machines. They were timed to see how far they could row in two minutes before getting an chance to beat this - a great personal challenge for them all. All the children performed admirably but we did have two winning boys and two winning girls:


Laylan = 427m

Oakley = 404m

Summer = 389m

Imogen = 385m


Well done everyone!

Y6 Rowing

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Y6 Rowing

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Y6 Rowing

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Y6 Rowing

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