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Year 3


Year 3 Summer Term 2023

Theme:  From the Moor to the Sea!

Big Question: How does learning about our local area affect how we protect it for the future?


Welcome to the summer term at St Andrew's! Our creative curriculum theme this term is 'From the Moor to the Sea!'. There will be lots of opportunities to visit the local and surrounding area. This theme will have a geographical focus. Please see the curriculum poster and letter below for more details:

Ukulele with Miss Smith 

With the help of Miss Smith, Y3 have written the music and lyrics for their own song about our theme this term - 'From the Moor to the Sea'. We have named it 'From the Moor to the Shore'. 


Please click on the link below to watch a video of the class performing the song. Y3 are AMAZING! 


From the Moor to the Shore



Clean our Patch

Clean Our Patch is a community organisation run by two volunteers, who organise weekly litter picks across the city working with a huge number of volunteers. They have groups and ambassadors located all around the city who lead these litter picks in certain areas. St Andrew's have been working closely El from Clean our Patch and we are really pleased with the enthusiasm and motivation that the children are showing about caring for our environment. Here are a few pictures of children in Y3 who have been litter picking in their own time: 

Coronation Day

Hopefully, the children will all remember the day that we celebrated the coronation of King Charles III at school. Everyone dressed up in their finest clothes, there was a special assembly and we played royal games. To top it off, there was a special afternoon tea! 

Times Tables: The 21 Facts!


Most of Y3 are now learning their 21 times tables facts. Here is some important information to explain why you only need to learn 21 times tables: 



Year 3 Spring Term 2023

Theme: Roman Invaders!

Big Question: What is legacy? How do we see the Roman legacy today?


Happy New Year and welcome back to an exciting, action packed Spring term! The children have returned refreshed from their Christmas break and have kicked off the New Year with enthusiasm. 


Our new curriculum topic for the term is ‘Roman Invaders. Travelling back in time to the great Roman empire, children will learn about the invasion of Britain, the lives of the Romans & their beliefs. Our class novel in English this term is part of The Roman Mysteries Series: The Thieves of Ostia by Caroline Lawrence- we will be using this fantastic story to inspire the children’s writing.


THE Y3 Class Assembly is on Wednesday 8th March


Some of Year 3's carefully crafted and completed mosaics:

More Art: Year 3 have continued to explore the Roman art theme this term, using yet another medium, creating their own Roman style inspired mosaics using paper tiles within a template. More finished masterpieces coming soon!

World Book Day

Here are our finished coins...all dry then skillfully painted in Gold, Silver and Bronze - Quite a haul of treasure!

ART: Linked to Year 3's Roman Invaders theme, our class have begun creating their own Roman coins based on some observational drawings from archaeological finds. Using air drying clay and a face mould, they have rolled out, attached the moulded face using 'slip' and a scoring technique, then added typical facial features; hair, beard, laurel wreath, then carved names and Roman numerals for authenticity. Stay tuned to see the finished metallic painted results coming soon....

Roman Homework Task

Here are some amazing examples of Roman homework that Y3 have been handing in this term - such a talented group of children (and parents)! There are many other examples proudly on display in the classroom and the corridor. Miss Lewis has handed out Headteacher's awards too!

Basketball with Mr Harvey

Dribbling and Chest Pass

Still image for this video

Passing Skills Used in a Game

Still image for this video

Roman Invaders!

Our First History Lesson for our New Theme



Year 3 Autumn Term 2022

Theme: Back to the Stone Age!

Big Question: How did Britain change from the Stone Age to the Iron Age? Why is it important to be resilient?


Welcome back! I hope that you had a relaxing summer break and took advantage of the quality family time that you had together. The sun was certainly shining! I am so excited to be moving from Y6 to Y3 and teaching this class for the first time as their KS2 journey begins! This year I am joined in class by my teaching assistants Ms Turner & Mrs Dudley; they will supporting Y3 and helping the children with their transition to ‘the juniors’. Mr Napier will teach the class every other Thursday for PPA cover.


Our exciting curriculum theme for this Autumn term is ‘Back to the Stone Age!’. We aim to bring this theme alive for the children by creating some stimulating ‘hands on’ experiences for them. They will learn how life was back in the Stone Age through the use of role play/drama, story-telling, art, research and dance. The children will also use their DT skills to create various tools, weapons and jewellery. We will have Stone Age themed days in school where the children will be able to wear costumes and take part in some Stone Age cookery and raft building. There is so much to look forward to!

 THE Y3 Class Assembly is on Wednesday 9th November (9.10am)


The curriculum letter and poster for this term can be found below:

Whole School Trip to Mount Edgcumbe


The whole school visited Mount Edgcumbe for an educational science trip. What a day it turned out to be! We carried out many exciting science activities including identifying animals and creatures in rock pools, taking part in a scavenger hunt & then creating art using items we found. We also took a walk around the beautiful gardens and paddled in the water. Take a look at some of the pictures!

Our Wonderful Stone Age Costumes


Year 3 are very lucky - Miss Smith will continue to teach them ukuleles this year! They began their first year 3 lesson by having a refresher of all the songs that they were taught in year 2. It was a GREAT lesson!

Year 3 Lesson 1

Still image for this video

Year 3 Lesson 1

Still image for this video

Merry Christmas from Y3!

Jingle Bells on the ukulele using the C, F & G chords

Still image for this video
Y3 play Jingle Bells - there are 3 groups of children, with each group playing either the C, F or G chord. They have been working on this song for only two sessions and we are really proud of their progress. Merry Christmas!