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Year 2


Welcome to Year 2, Autumn Term 2020

Our cross curricular topic this term is ‘Where We Live’ as detailed on the curriculum poster below. We will be exploring both the geography and history of our local area, and thinking about its location within the South West and United Kingdom. We plan to take the children on some trips, within the immediate vicinity of the Hoe and Barbican to support their learning in art, geography and science. We will teach them how to use simple maps and plans and see things from a ‘bird’s eye view’.  We also want to develop the children’s sense of community and help them find ways to be good citizens.


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18.11.20: Science was great fun today! We were sending Mr Grinling’s lunch basket down a rope, but he was very hungry so we needed to help it travel faster. We thought about the variables we could change and decided to test 3 different ropes.

Watch the basket speed down the rope ...

Still image for this video

11.11.20: We’ve all made a model lighthouse and in science today we thought about how we could make it light up. We were given a battery, two wires with crocodile clips and a bulb and had to find a way to light the bulb. It was very tricky, but eventually we did it! We learned lots of new words, like circuit, connect, bulb, battery.

11.11.20: We all made a poppy and created a beautiful wreath to commemorate Armistice Day.

Today we continued to develop our art skills, using the work of Brian Pollard to inspire us. Take a look at our drawings...

Meet our very proud Year 2 School Council representatives, Holly and Brodie. Following class presentations they received the most votes.

We’ve been exploring the work of local artist, Brian Pollard. Today we have been experimenting with different paints to try and replicate his bold, bright colours. We discovered that poster paints were the best and that we shouldn’t use too much water!

Although we couldn’t leave school to explore rock pools, we had a very exciting time discovering various plants and animals hidden within micro habitats in the school grounds.