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                       Welcome to Year 5 

Hello Year 5!


Today is the last day of term, and your final day of Year 5! Mr Napier and I want to thank you for all of your hard work and positivity, especially over the past few months. We have written a farewell letter to you all, and I'm not too proud to tell you that writing it brought a tear to my eye on more than one occasion!


We hope you have a fantastic summer, and we're so looking forward to seeing you in September,


🌺😊🌈 Mrs King and Mr Napier 😎🎸🌞

Message from your future Year 6 teacher, Mr Pope

Hello Y5,
I hope that you and your families are all safe and well. Everyone at St Andrew’s Primary
School miss you immensely; we can’t wait to see your happy and smiling faces when you
come back to school in September. It has been such a long time since we have been ‘One
Family, Learning Together’.
I’m only a couple of weeks away from saying goodbye to my current Y6 class as they make
the transition to secondary school but I’m already thinking about you – my new class.
Unfortunately, we won’t be able to have a class swap this year and the first time we will all
be together is in September. I would like to get to know more about you, so I have asked Mr
Napier and Mrs King to post this message on your Y5 Google Classroom and the school
website. I have attached two very simple fact files (see PDFs below) - please could you complete one of the
fact files attached to this message and bring this with you on your first day back.
Alternatively, you can create your own fact file and send it to Mr Napier or Mrs King who
will forward it to me; you can be as creative as you want with this task. Good luck!
Enjoy your summer and I will see you soon.
Keep safe,
Mr Pope.

Hello Year 5, 


Welcome back to home learning, can you believe it’s the last half term of Year 5?! We hope you all had an opportunity to rest over the half term week. The weather was so kind to us, do let us know what you got up to in the sunshine! 


It has been fantastic to see so many of you active and engaging with the tasks we're setting on Google Classroom. If you are having problems accessing this, or if you need some support with the work, please email us or add a comment to Google Classroom.


Each week Mr Napier and I will each announce a ‘Special Mention’, for anyone who has stunned us; you could be awarded this for effort, a particularly wonderful piece of work, for engaging with lots of tasks, or for a number of other reasons. We’ll also be awarding a virtual Courtesy Cup, for anyone who demonstrates St Andrew’s school values in the online classroom. 


We’ll be continuing with Ancient Greece as our topic, but I know lots of you haven’t completed the lessons I set before half term so I’ll hold off on new topic work for the first week or so. If you have completed all of the Ancient Greek lessons don’t worry, there will be plenty of other tasks for you to get stuck into. 


As we start this term, some aspects of normality will be resuming, including our teaching days. You will be able to contact Mr Napier Monday - Thursday, but please keep in mind that he will be in school teaching Y6 on Mondays and Tuesdays, so will not be able to respond during the day. You will be able to contact me on Thursdays and Fridays. 


We’re looking forward to a half term filled with new learning, and plenty of opportunity to connect and share through our online classroom. 


Keep safe, 


Mrs King and Mr Napier 


White Rose maths


Please see below for the link to White Rose maths. To access the worksheets please log in to Google Classroom. If you're having difficuly logging in, please email so we can send instructions. 



Year 5, as part of PSHE have recently explored the concept of FRIENDSHIP; what makes a good friend and why being 'different' is a good thing. Inspired by the image 'Stanley & Clive' from the Once Upon A Picture website. Here are some of their wonderful responses:


*The world would not be a better place if everyone was the same because it would be so boring and every single day wouldn’t feel different, it would also not be good because being different is a good thing.

*Stanley and Clive are friends because they are both different and this shows that whoever you are you can always have a friend.

*Friendship means someone that you can trust and rely on.  You can always confide in one another, on the phone or face to face.  A friend is always kind to you.

*A good friend makes you laugh, is always there for you, supports you, loves you.

*A good friend can be someone like you or someone not like you. They can be a boy or a girl, but they must care about you and be there for you, and most importantly have fun with you.

*Friendship is the best thing ever, even better than chocolate brownies. Friendship is the trust between two friends and they will always have your back forever, like an unrelated family.

*If everyone was the same, you would know things everyone else knows, you would all look the same and that’s not a good thing because everyone wants their special thing that they like to do, not what everyone else would necessarily like to do.

*A good friend is someone who cares about you and doesn’t tell anyone your secrets. They respect you and your wishes.

*The world would not be a better place if everyone was the same, we would like the same things, have the same skills and we wouldn’t know about different culture and other countries.

*Stanley and Clive are good friends because they respect each other a lot

*A good friend has to be trustworthy and kind. If a friend does not have both of those qualities they probably are not a very good friend.

*Friendship is a relationship between people, where they are friendly, trustworthy, like to do similar things and like each other’s company.

*Stanley and Clive are friends because they are nice to each other and they don’t care what other creatures look like or even if they are the same species as long as they are kind, have things they both like to talk about and are supportive because a mountain troll and worm probably wouldn’t normally get on well and Clive and Stanley are different creatures.

*No, it wouldn't be a better place if everyone was the same because nobody would have anything different or new to show us (e.g. skills and talents) so the world would be boring. When I used to go to friends’ houses, I discovered different types of food, different furniture and different toys.

*Stanley and Clive are both friendly and happy looking so their personalities are similar. Their differences are that one is a small, bright pink worm and the other is a colossal furry mountain troll. No, it is not a bad thing to be different.

*A good friend is when they’re loyal and willing and you have a strong relationship.

*Friendship is when you enjoy each other’s company.

*Friendship is a physical and emotional relationship where you understand them and support them to reach their goal. And you make a good friend by sharing their love, care, secrets and trust.

*To be a good friend you have to build that trust and connection so you understand the situation and support them, you have a good laugh and spend lots of time together. You care and cry to each other.


ESPANOL/SPANISH: Buenos Dias! Please find below a selection of Spanish PDF worksheets that Year 5 have been working from this Summer Term.

Author masterclasses 


Have a browse through the author mastercalsses and see which one you'll complete first!

Spirited Art Competition


Year 5 have been creating poetry, art and all manner of other projects to enter the Spirited Art competition this year. Here are a few examples from our class, I think you'll agree that they're wonderful. 


       I see you standing there 


I see you standing there a shadow in the dark,

The one true God, the one true love,

A shadow I can’t see, with my human eyes,

Guiding us to heaven,

Guiding us to glory,

The God we cannot see, but the God we believe.


What are you ,where are you?

Shadow I cannot see, but feel you here with me,

Let us see your glory, like happy children playing,

Let us see your love, like a mother’s hugs,

Forgive me if I’ve done wrong.


Now that I see, now that I believe,

I still have a question about you and me,

Are you the Glory, are you the love?

That I may never know,

But I can try to guess.


So let us join as one,

Let us join a team,

Let's re-unite the world,

Just you and me,

Let's put an end to hatred,

A end to war,


I see you standing there,

You’re standing there right next to me.


By Sophia Carr





God is everywhere, 


Some say he is a very big person


But I think of God as more than a person,


For he does not commit sins


And he takes our sins,


And astonishingly throws them into the bin


He created our world, which we spend all of our time in


He protects us, he is our bodyguard


We all need to act in a way that shows him our gratitude


Although he will always love us, 


There is nothing on Earth you can do to change that.


Jonas Hingston 


World Oceans Day challenges:

Monday 8th June 2020 is Year 5's chance to celebrate World Oceans Day. Here are a selection of creative and problem solving activities to engage you.
You may also wish to search the five easy ways to be kinder to the ocean, as recommended by the National Marine Aquarium the Year visited during the Autumn term.




Year 5 have continued their artistic skills within the theme of Ancient Greece, exploring shading techniques, use of shadow and perspective to sketch Greek temples from an angle of their choosing. A key focus was to include fine cultural detail, based on recreating traditional carved patterns and decorative column and plinth designs. See some of our finished work and practice below:









Year 5 recently explored and recreated their own designs based on the traditional decorative patterns 
and themes found on ancient Greek vases.

Here are a selection of their magnificent designs:

















Home Learning Spelling Practice: A fantastic selection of creative ways Year 5 have been learning spellings from the Year 5/6 National Curriculum list.

How can one person make a big difference?

This is a challenge from Picture News for Year 5 inspired by the outstanding efforts of Captain Tom Moore. 

As you may have seen in the media,  a 99-year-old British war veteran, Captain Tom Moore, has completed 100 laps of his 25m back garden in Marston Moretaine, Bedfordshire! He has raised over £30 million for Britain's National Health Service (NHS) and has received donations to his fundraising challenge from all around the world! Captain Tom began raising funds to thank NHS staff who helped him with treatment for cancer and a broken hip, he originally aimed to raise just £1000 but quickly passed his target!



  Take a look at the resources and activities here to celebrate someone that has made a big difference in your community:



 As part of our Home Learning, Year 5 have been expanding their Grammar skills by being most creative with fronted time adverbials. Here are a selection of amusing examples:


In a few minutes, the Mad Scientist will be inviting me to a Zoom science lesson; he's going to teach me how to explode anything with my eyes, like Superman!

After school, I was strolling through the beautiful woods with the mid autumn leaves swirling around me when suddenly, a hi-tech space ship crash landed inches from my head!!!!!


Later that day, I was scooting to the river when I saw an elegant swan swimming towards me and began to talk in a posh manner.


At break time, we were all rather surprised to see Mrs Allchurch in the middle of the playground doing back flips - she had obviously been practising her gymnastics whilst in isolation.



Prior to this lock-down period and since, Year 5 have been working on a variety of follow up creative written and artistic projects inspired by our initial Widening Horizons' storytelling workshop about Tuamor the Turtle. With a focus on marine conservation and the dilemmas of plastic pollution, here are a selection of the pupils' Save Our Seas campaign posters:










Home learning arrangements



All Year 5 children can access Google Classroom at home. They will need to sign in to their Google account with their St Andrew's Primary School staps e-mail - they then add their password. If they are working on a device that they haven't added their account on yet, click on 'add account'. They can then sign in.  Once they are signed in to their google account, they can click on the square of nine dots in the top right-hand corner. Google Classroom will show as one of the available app; it can also be downloaded as an app on an ipad. Once Google Classroom is accessed, home learning will appear on the 'stream' section.


There is a letter outlining the logistics of home learning on the class stream. Work will be added to the class stream  via assignments and in folders in due course. There isn't a set way to complete the work - work can be completed online on GoogleDocs and shared with me or it can be completed on paper, in books or even kept in folders. The work can be marked together with your child at home - we will endeavour to include answer sheets wherever possible. When we all return to school, all children can share work in class and we can celebrate all their successes!


Y5 children also have access to many websites and apps which they can use to further their learning in English and maths. Please see the links below:





Keep learning times tables and improve multiplication speed!


Daily 10 10 maths questions a day, against the clock


Spelling Shed and Maths Shed

Work has been set and games can be played to keep up maths and English learning.

Continue with courses from class or free code.



Some children have recently signed up and created a scratch account. If your child hasn't, they can sign up by creating an account using their school e-mail.



Widening Horizons: Trips & Workshops 

We have had some exciting and exclusive opportunities this term as part of the Widening Horizons' programme. Year 5 has embraced a whole host of career based learning activities which have included: A healthy visit to the Peninsula Medical and Dental School at the University of Plymouth, a constructive textile workshop at Makers HQ - creating our own class PE bibs, a 'Fit 4 Work' physical workout as well as private audience with author Jo Earlam, reading her story TUAMOR THE TURTLE, which addresses marine conservation issues.


See a selection of photos below...




Happy New Year! Welcome to 2020.

Year 5 have returned refreshed, excited and ready to explore our Spring Term topic 'DOWN IN THE JUNGLE'. 

Please see our latest newsletter and curriculum poster for details.



Welcome to Year 5.

We are excited to begin our Autumn term with our topic 'Shhh, Walls Have Ears',
a World War 2 theme that will embark on a mission that covers local history links, war associated literature alongside the arts inspired and performed from that time period.

Furthermore, our new Year 5 pupils will soon embark on a host of 'Widening Horizons'
career based educational visits and workshops.


See our Autumn Curriculum Poster and Letter for further details.


Christmas festivities in Year 5!

Victory Party! 

To bring our topic to a close, Year 5 and 6 joined together for a VE Party! We had an indoor street party, and an afternoon full of singing, dancing, fun and cake! 

Fire safety visit 

Today we were lucky enough to have a visit from some firefighters from Greenbank fire station. They talked to us about fire safety in the home, and things we should do and know to help us stay safe. We also learnt about the dangers caused by hoax calls and what to do if we ever find a fire. Here are some questions we’ve been asking, can you answer them all? See below for the answers! 


  • Should your home have a smoke alarm?
  • How often should you check your smoke alarm?
  • How do you check a smoke alarm?
  • How often should you change the batteries on a smoke alarm? 
  • Is it important to know your home postcode?
  • What should you do if you discover a fire? 
  • What should you do if a fire catches your clothing? 


Have you answered them all? Check the answer key below to see if you were right! 


  • Absolutely, yes! Your home MUST have at least one smoke alarm. If there are obstacles to this, let us know and we may be able to help. 
  • Each smoke alarm should be checked every week. The suggestion is to go with ‘Check it Tuesday’. 
  • You can check a smoke alarm by pressing the button (usually in the middle). 
  • The batteries of a smoke alarm should be changed every year. 
  • It’s really important to know your home postcode in case you ever need to call for help. This would enable the emergency services to get to you very quickly. 
  • If you discover a fire you should get to a safe place and call 999. Do not go back for belongings and do not attempt to fight the fire yourself. 
  •  If your clothing were to catch fire, you must follow these steps. First,stop. This prevents increased oxygen from further spreading the flames. Then cover your face to reduce smoke inhalation. Next drop to the floor and roll. Keep rolling until help arrives, or you are certain the fire is out.



Outdoor PE: Football Skills

This term, Year 5 has been fortunate to have a coach from Stoke Damerel College coming in to teach us football skills and tactics. So far they have learnt a range of warm up exercises, alongside a multitude of individual, partner and team ball control skills including: dribbling, passing, receiving and stopping together with pressure  and blocking techniques.

Maths: Place Value

During this Autumn term, we have had a big focus on Place Value in our Maths lessons. To consolidate our learning, in small groups, we had a go at creating a vast selection on 2, 3 and 4 digit values of Roman Numerals on the school playground