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Welcome to Foundation!

We have lots of fun learning through play in our Foundation Class. Lots of our learning is shared through our Tapestry Learning Journeys, however, we will try to add some photos on here of the fun we have as often as possible!

Our virtual holiday to Spain! 🇪🇸

Our Spirited Artwork answering the question ‘Where is a God?’

Wimbledon, problem solving and team work 🎾💡💪

Our first class photo!

Look how we’ve grown!

One of our tadpoles has turned into a frog!


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We can order numbers, add and take away all by ourselves now!

Shield making...and a nail salon!

We have been busy making peg dolls, fairies and dolls houses!

We are super writers!

The Queen’s teeth!

A mysterious box arrived in our classroom.. had some teeth inside!
We had a good look at them..
..and wondered who they might belong to!
Lots of children made lost posters..
...and stuck them all over the school.
Some children wrote to the tooth fairy as well.
We then received this poster from the Queen!
We wrote letters to her.. tell her we had her teeth...
...and how to look after them a little better!

At the end of the spring term we had a popcorn party!

We are super readers!

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Look at our amazing independent writing!

We were inspired by the school talent show!


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Our new playground!

Miss Keaty got married!

The whole class made a banner..
..laid the tables..
...and even made a wedding cake!
The whole classroom was decorated!
Everyone made lots of pictures and cards!
Then we had a wedding feast..
..and a pretend wedding!
What a lovely day!
We also made our own love potions!
Everyone had great fun mixing..
...and pouring!
We were all very proud of our potions!
What a fun day!

Spring term fun...

Playing in our winter shop
Making bird feeders for the playground
Counting winter objects
We learnt how to make our own snowflakes
Painting during our whole school spirituality day
We tried out a bag full of blubber!
We made our own winter pictures...
..and igloos!
We are learning to add numbers together.
We made penguins...
..and more penguins!
We even measured the length of different penguins.
Then we had a special delivery.. of a penguin!
We learnt how to draw penguins.
Then Sammy Penguin went missing!
Dr freeze froze our toys in balls of ice!


Our book advent calendar from the kindness elves!
Making Christmas decorations
Playing outside on Santa’s sleigh
Making paper chains!
Dressing up as Father Christmas
Singing to the residents of Wesley Court
Decorating the Christmas tree!
Writing letters to Father Christmas...
...and getting letters back!
Retelling the nativity story
Using the woodwork bench... make our own Christmas presents!
We even wrapped the presents we had made!
Practising our nativity play
Eating our Christmas dinner

Children in Need

We dressed up and made our own Pudsey Bears!

Our maths open morning

We had lots of maths fun with our grown ups!
Here a few of the maths activities we tried.

Autumn Term in Foundation!

Our first week at school!
We can eat our lunch and look after our friends.
We made our own kites!
We have made some classroom rules.
We are learning about numbers.
We can use a hand drill!
We took part in the Harvest Assembly.
We are learning to write our name.
We can use a hammer and nails!
We are starting to make marks and form letters!
We can count objects and recognise numbers.
We know our 2D and 3D shapes!
We celebrated Bonfire Night by drawing fireworks.
We made special treasure boxes!
We celebrated Diwali with cards & Rangoli patterns
We are learning about space!
We made poppies for Remembrance Day.