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Year 3

Farewell Year 3, Class of 2016!


Have a fabulous holiday, Year 3.  You have all made fantastic progress and should be so proud of everything you have achieved.  We look forward to seeing you in September as Year 3 and 4 go 'Back to the Stone Age!' 


Some of our wonderful memories from an exciting and active year of learning and fun in Year 3.  We hope you enjoy looking through some of our lively photos!
To watch this video, you will need to type the following password: StAndrews

Year 3 Dance at Central Methodist Hall

As part of the BBC's 'Ten Pieces' Project, the children were invited to choose their favourite piece of music and produce a 'creative response'.

Choreographing our stunning class dance for the BBC Ten Pieces Project.

Our exciting archery session.

Our amazing needlework, inspired by the Bayeux Tapestry. Year 3 really showed off their creative talents during this fun but challenging project.

Making the paper prototypes for our felt Viking images.

Gymnastics skills!

Our 'Caterpillar Project' started with us having 5 tiny caterpillars. They munched their way through lots of food and grew to 10 times their original size. They then formed chrysalides and transformed themselves into beautiful butterflies. When all had emerged we fed them with orange and sugary water before setting them free.
We had a very exciting day at the 'Stonehouse Tennis Club' where we took our butterflies to be set free. We enjoyed a picnic in the gardens, played tennis, football and did some skipping. We then walked up to Devil's Point and did some sketches of the beautiful scenery. A fabulous day!
During science the children constructed simple circuits and made their own switches to go in them.
The Year 3 and 4 classes had an exciting morning with students from the UTC teaching then all about chemical and electrical energy. The children worked in partners to create to different powered vehicles. The first was constructed using CD's, a pencil, two cotton reels, washers and an elastic band. The cars were powerful and raced quite far when the band was twisted. The second was made from a cardboard template, wooden wheels, axels and a compartment for the power source! The power was created by adding an Alka Seltzer to a small amount of vinegar and placing it in an old film case. The children loved to watch these chemical explosions. We had great fun racing these vehicles.
The children had a great time celebrating 'Armed Forces Week' with a trip to the 'Royal Citadel'. They took part in a range of activities that included: an assault course, first aid training and learning about a range of firearms. A fabulous afternoon.
The Year 3 and 4 children had such fun on their residential to Escot. Here are just a few of the highlights. 

Welcome back to an exciting Summer term. We have lots of fabulous opportunities coming up throughout our new topic 'Valiant Vikings'. 

Today we had a fantastic Viking themed day where the children dressed up and were able to use their helmets and shields that they made in school. Thank you so much to all parents for your support with costumes. The children look absolutely stunning as Viking warriors. They learnt all about life during the Viking times, listened to a range of stories and then created freeze frame pictures of some of the scenes. 


During the afternoon we made apricot oatcakes, just like the Vikings used to. They were delicious! smiley 


We also played a trading game where half the class were Vikings and half were Anglo-Saxons. The children had to be farmers and various tradesmen producing a range of items to trade. They had to barter and trade their items and we recorded the score at the end. The Vikings were very good at trading, because they were so vicious. 

We had great fun making our shields and helmets for our Viking day. We designed symmetrical shields and used similar ideas to the Vikings. We painted our designs on neatly and tried to make them look as authentic as possible.

Our helmets were made by doing paper mache over balloons. We had to add several layers to make them strong enough. We painted them in silver or grey paint, cut out shapes for the eyes and added studs for effect. 

We love practical science! Here we are testing how different surfaces affect the distance that a car travels. With big bubble wrap the car didn't move at all. There was too much surface area causing friction. The shiny plastic surface allowed the car to travel the furthest. This was because there was very little friction slowing it down. 

Happy Easter Year 3!  It has been a fantastic Spring term and we are delighted with everyone's learning and progress.  You have made 'Children of the World' a really enjoyable and memorable topic.  We look forward to seeing you after the holiday for some adventures within our new topic 'The Valiant Vikings'.  


Have a look at home for your Anglo Saxon costumes from the Autumn term; we will be making helmets and accessories to create characters for our next learning journey.  We have some exciting trips and creative days planned! 


Easter Homework

This holiday, we would like you to polish your 'time' skills.  We have some tasks for you to complete, but the best way to practise is keep telling the time whenever you are near a clock!  You should also receive your letters in the post, so please write an interesting reply!  To allow time to do these tasks thoroughly and enjoy a relaxing break, we will save our 'bumper spelling test' for the 2nd week of term.  Have a wonderful time and we will look forward to hearing all your news when we return on Monday 11th April.  (Please remember your PE kit!)


Our Easter egg hunt was lots of fun! smiley

We had a fabulous trip down at the Brittany Ferries port. We learnt about all that is involved to make the journeys run smoothly. We had a tour of the ferry and even got the chance to sit in the captains chair!

We wrote a letter to someone in our class for homework. We have now sent the letters. Look out for the post!

Annabelle has been busy making these delightful Easter chicks with her mum using papier mache and french knitting techniques. What a treat for the staff! We love them, thankyou!

'Ten Pieces' Finale at Central Methodist Hall

We will be performing our Mozart Horn Concerto Dance on Wednesday 27th April.  All the other schools who have been working on their 'creative responses' to one of the Ten Pieces will also be taking part in the 'finale'. Unfortunately, there will not be space for parents to join us on this day, but we will arrange a time to perform in school.  


You can see video clips of other pupils' responses on the BBC Ten Pieces website, where you can also listen to and download the music if you would like to practice.  (Go to 'Primary' and the music is under 'Key Stage 2 lesson resources').  Click on this link to be taken to our music directly.

Easter Service at St. Andrew's

A closer look at those fantastic 'Last Supper' paintings, inspired by Leonardo da Vinci

A special 'Congratulations! and Wow!' to Charlotte, who received a special certificate for her Artwork.  Her interpretation of the Last Supper was so detailed, it even showed clearly the expressions of shock and sadness on the disciples' faces!

This week's spelling were tricky! Our trophy winner was the only speller with full marks! Wow!

Some of this term's award winners!  A special certificate for the children who wrote and shared thoughtful disciple's letters in church at our Easter service.  They did such a great job reading so confidently in the pulpit.

A huge 'well done' to Alex, Nat, Zech and Harry who collected over 40 merit counters this half term.  

Mad Science Day! 

We all had great fun dressing up as 'Mad Scientists' for the day.

We investigated the effect of sugar on teeth by placing hard boiled eggs (representing our teeth) in milk, water, cola, blackcurrant, vinegar and orange juice. We will find out the results next week! 

During the afternoon the children were involved in a range of fun and exciting science activities. A great day was had by all smiley

We experimented with magnets, created electrical circuits, tested propellers, rockets and parachutes and made bubbles of varying shapes and sizes.

We hope you enjoy looking at the photographs of some of the activities we have enjoyed this term during our fabulous topic 'Children Around the World'.

BBC 'Ten Pieces' Project

The inspiration day at the Guildhall was exciting and exhilarating.  We listened, danced, played, sang, performed and were truly inspired!  We even had lunch in the grandest of rooms! It was quite an experience.

It was great to hear some of the 'ten pieces' played live and see the instruments up close.

Gemma taught us a body percussion routine...

...which inspired our own amazing motifs! We performed to each other at the end of the workshop and everyone's dances were stunning!

Making music!

As part of our 'Hinduism' learning, we designed Diva lamps.

Our 'multimedia' art work representing a rubbish dump in Nicaragua, outside the capital city Managua.

We used a 'watercolour wash' to paint the landscape.

We drew and cut out vultures and added rubbish using collage techniques. Finally we added children looking for 'treasures' to use, sell or recycle.

Proudly, we showed our finished artwork in our class assembly.

More pictures from our 'Children of the World' class assembly.  

A huge 'well done' to everyone for working so well as a team and preparing their own parts so diligently.

Rehearsing the Rama and Sita story. (Thank You Gabriella for standing in as Sita!)

Singing a welcoming song in Swahili!

Salsa Dance

What a lot of rhythm and Cuban spirit!

Celebrating Success

Our famous Jiu-jitsu specialist drew in his recent competition in Essex. All that training is really paying off! Many congratulations.

Recent winners of the Year 3 'Spelling Bee' trophy. Full marks in our half termly 'bumper test'. Well done, girls!

Some of our 'top spellers' on our weekly tests. Well done for practising so carefully and meeting your targets! Very impressive!

We are so proud of our table tennis team from Year 3. This talented bunch keep winning medals at competitions, even when challenged by much older children. They put in lots of effort with Mr. Jago at playtimes and at their club in their spare time!

It's been a rainy half term, but we've made the most of some of the 'wet playtimes' by having fun together indoors.  Many thanks to our teaching assistant, Miss Jones, for bringing in some of the games her boys no longer use at home.  Our 'wet play' cupboard is so much more exciting now! We particularly love making electrical circuits and seeing what we can invent. 

Some of us like to 'chill out' with a big book during a rainy playtime!



Have you seen the Kids’ Zone? Play games and visit some cool websites. You can vote for your favourites.


We have kickstarted the term by having a didgeridoo workshop. The children listened to Aboriginal and animal stories, experienced sounds made using a didgerido and had chance to perform actions of these animals. Great fun was had by all.

Learning about bike maintenance with Dr. Bike



Happy half term!

Spring Term 2016


We have another exciting term ahead with our new topic: 
'Children Around the World'

Diary dates:

Wednesday 3rd February: Y3 'Children of the World' class assembly at 9.10am
Wednesday 3rd February: afternoon music visit 'Travelling by Tuba' concert
Thursday 4th February: Music Inspiration Day at the Guildhall 'Ten Pieces Project'

This term our topic has a geography focus. The children will be discovering all about the different continents and countries around the world. They will then compare the lives of children from the UK, Spain, South America, Africa and India. 
Many more exciting opportunities to follow!

Here is an outline of some of our 'creative curriculum' learning this term.

English lessons will include units studying Stories from Around the World, Poetry, Diaries and Letters.
Our R.E. unit will focus on the sacred texts of Hinduism and Christianity and how these affect the lives of people around the world.
In Dance we will be learning and creating motifs from dances around the world, with a focus on India and Cuba (South America).  We will perform some of these in our 'Children of the World' assembly.
The Year 3 Computing lessons after half term will continue to build on key 'Coding' skills and Internet Safety.  We will also use the computers to support our cross-curricular work and find out about / contact schools across the world.
Our Art & Design tasks will be inspired by our geography research, poetry and stories from around the world.  We will be creating our own clay 'diva' lamp holders as well as 2D work inspired by famous artists and illustrators. These will focus on collage and watercolour work. 

For Music this term, we will be taking part in the exciting 'Ten Pieces Project,' which will help us to become familiar with the work of famous composers from all over the world.  You can find out more about the 'Ten Pieces' on the BBC website.  As well as our school-based exploration, concerts and inspiration days at the Guildhall, we will be putting together a short piece to be included in a performance at Central Methodist Hall in April. This will be based on the piece of classical music we select and what we perform can be designed and created entirely by us, from a rap to a dance.  We can't wait!?
During Science we will study animals, including humans. This will include nutrition, food groups, the digestive system, the importance of exercise, the function of the skeleton, joints and muscles, the types of teeth, their functions and how to look after them. We will also touch upon food chains and webs.

Autumn Term 2015    
'People on the Move' (The Anglo-Saxons and Scots)

Our Christmas Party!

Our Anglo-Saxon Day!

The children had great fun dressing up as Anglo-Saxons for the day, making a vegetable stew and sharing it around a camp fire while telling stories.

We've been learning about how solids, liquids and gases change when heat is added or taken. We had lots of fun melting chocolate and watching it change from a solid, to liquid and then back to a solid on our biscuits! Yummy!
We also heated jelly and watched it dissolve and set. We fried an egg and observed it change from a liquid to a solid. The bread turned to toast when we heated it.

Our Anglo-Saxon Shelter Building 

We all had a great day building Anglo- Saxon shelters in groups of 3. We carefully constructed the frame of the shelter using clay and sticks. The roof was added afterwards. We enjoyed using the hack saws.

The Plymouth Museum

We walked to the museum to look at some of the Anglo-Saxon replica artefacts and also some original pieces that had been found.

Our Anglo-Saxon Class Assembly 11.11.15

Anglo-Saxon Living History Week 19.10.15
Escot Anglo-Saxon Village 21.10.15


What an amazing, memorable day we enjoyed!. It felt like we had gone back in time by 1000 years.  The activities were amazing and we enjoyed surviving as Anglo-Saxons, taking part in tasks from pole lathing to 'wild walking' for Sweet Chestnuts!  A huge 'thankyou' to the staff at Escot for making our visit so stimulating and active. Well done to all the 'Anglo-Saxons' of Year 3 and 4 who were so enthusiastic, courteous, willing and conscientious throughout the day. We experienced and learnt so much more than we expected. 

What did you enjoy the most?  

Racing around the maze? Seeing the red squirrels? Searching for the dormouse holes? Being an archaeologist with the metal detector? Using the pole lathing tools to make a rolling pin? Grinding corn? Helping the coppersmith make a brooch? Sawing the wood? Using the axe? Seeing how coins were made? Looking for acorns and horse chestnuts? Making and eating bread?  Getting to know the beautiful chickens? Exploring the settlement? Feeding the wild boar? Finding out about games and punishments? Or was there something else you found amazing about the Anglo-Saxon village? 

Wow! Look at the amazing Anglo-saxon costumes the Year 3 children have made at home with the help of their families.  We are almost ready for Anglo-Saxon Living History Week!

Anglo-Saxon Storytelling Day 19th October

We thoroughly enjoyed our time spent with David Heathfield, learning three different tales from Anglo-Saxon Times and even telling our own versions.

Anglo-Saxon storytelling day

By Iulia Pop

On the 19th of October it was the David Heathfield storytelling day for YR3 and YR4. He read and performed to us three stories from Anglo-Saxon times.

One was about a little boy and his two brothers and one sister missing in a magical elf tower. It was my personal favourite.

The second story was about Lord March’s long pointed donkey ears, where Lord March never wanted to pull his hat off because he was hiding his ears. That felt really sad to me.
The third and last story was about a giant and king Arthur losing his amazing sword in the giant’s throat. It was adventurous.
I loved the drumming, when he was making that noise at the first part and the singing.
It felt a bit sad when Lord March had to take off his hat.
The instruments were loud.
We wore our Anglo-Saxon costumes and my favourite costume was Jennylee’s. I didn’t know who she was!
Jonathan and Zech shared their ending of the first story.  They sounded like real storytellers.
Nat and charlotte were acting the scene of the battle. It was really funny.
In the afternoon we looked at the story of Lord March’s ears in more detail and acted out the events.  Some of the actors and singers were BRILLIANT!

Internet Safety Awareness Day

We dressed as computer superheroes and found out lots more about keeping safe on the Internet. A special 'Well done' to Gabriella and Annabelle who won a £5 Scholastic book voucher for their fabulous Internet Awareness homework.

We hope that you have all had an amazing Summer break and are now looking forward to the term ahead. Our topic is 'People on the Move' with a focus on the Anglo-Saxons and Scots.

We've had a great start to the term with a visit to the National Marine Aquarium for their annual STEMFest event. The children had great fun taking part in science, technology, engineering and mathematic activities.

You might like to read about what last year's Year 3 children got up to.

Term 3 'Invaders'

We are thinking about our best memories of Year 3.

In year 3 it is like an amazing world of fun!!! 
Hiyab: Year 3 is the most wonderful class ever known to me!!!
Amelia L: Year 3 love to have fun all day long, it is amazing to see how much fun you have!
Hiyab: I love year 3 so much that that I could stay forever!!!  I will always remember happy times and the wonderful Kents Cavern Stone Age trip.

Marcel: My favourite school trip was when I visited Magdalen farm for 2 days.
Eden N: I liked Magdalen Farm as well.   
Levi:I like it when I get to read THE BEST BOOK EVER The wonderful world of Tom Gates yes or no(maybe).  In Year 3 I really enjoyed PE as well as Art.  The best thing I made in Art was my Stone Age spear.
Updated by Marcel, Eden N and Levi. 
We had a fabulous end of Year 3 Spanish party to celebrate our success. So much fun was  by all. A huge 'Thank You' to Lara and Maura for providing the food, especially the delicious paella!

Our Lorenzo's Experience!

The Year 3 class visited Lorenzo's, the Spanish restaurant. We thoroughly enjoyed sampling a range of delicious tapas food. A lot of the children were very adventurous and sampled new foods that they hadn't experienced before. We even had a tour of their kitchen and asked the head chef various questions. We had so much fun.

St Andrew's 'Boot Camp' experience

The children had great fun participating in a roundabout of challenging 'Boot Camp' style activities.

Plymouth Hoe Garden Flag Raising Ceremony

Tuesday 23rd June

We designed and made our own flags in a workshop with artist Jo Brinton.  We were inspired by the 'Cape of Good Hope' stamp bought by local man Edward Stanley Gibbons in 1863. Jo took ideas from the Y3 flags and made one to represent everyone's contributions.  All of our flags represent 'hope' for our community and depict everything we love about Plymouth Hoe. Today we paraded to The Hoe Garden with our own flags and took part in a 'flag raising ceremony' to celebrate the project and raise our newly designed Year 3 flag on the flagpole.

After the speeches, we performed our favourite song 'We are One'.  It was an amazing experience singing in front of an audience with a professional sound system and microphones! An extra-special 'well done' to Erryn, Lily and Holly who were brave enough to sing into the microphone and led the class so tunefully.  It was a fabulous afternoon and the shone shone gloriously! After the ceremony, we were treated to strawberries and cream whilst being entertained by a folk band who shared with us some songs about Plymouth.  

We had a visit from Julius- The Roman Legionary. The children were fascinated to learn all about life in the Roman Army as Julius brought it all to life. A huge thank you to all parents who helped their child to produce their Roman shield. They were totally amazing!

i-orchestra fun!

This term's music focus in collaboration with the i-orchestra has brought us some brilliant opportunities to unleash our hidden talents! Our class visit to the i-orchestra tent in the city centre was fascinating.  We played instruments, found out about the orchestra and even had a go at conducting! 

'Universe of Dance' Saturday 2nd May

Huge congratulations to our team who performed in the City Centre with dancers of all ages from all over the city.  After diligently rehearsing during the morning at the university, a very cramped performance took place in the i-orchestra tent (wet weather plan). A dry spell and a spur of the moment decision from our director Gemma,  led us outside to perform as planned.  This required a few last minute partner changes as some of our team had already left, but the children adapted like true professionals! It was an incredible experience dancing to a live orchestra (Mrs Dean couldn't resist joining in!) and we all left humming the uplifting theme tune to the film E.T.  As usual the St. Andrew's children were OUTSTANDING and amazed everyone with their superb concentration and teamwork. Many thanks to Gemma and Jules from the Barbican Theatre and to the Plymouth University Orchestra for making this magical experience possible. Also to the children and parents who were able to join us on the day to support this amazing community event.

Visit to the i-orchestra lab: Tuesday 5th May

After a scenic walk to Mount Wise, the Music caravan had so many treats in store.  We played more instruments, joined in with a virtual orchestra, composed our own melodies and even recorded our own vocal masterpieces in the recording pod! (Our renditions of Dancing Queen and Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star were quite something!) Remember, you can visit with your parents all this week between 3.30pm and 5.00pm or all day Saturday if you would like to show them your musical skills! The caravan is in the car park near Mount Wise Swimming Pool. Many thanks to Wilf for his brilliant instructing.  We learnt and tried out so many new skills.

Such fun was had by all who attended the Year 3/4 residential to Magdalen Farm at the end of April. Here are just a few of the highlights. (All pictures taken are in a folder at the bottom of this page).
We have been learning about how light travels and is reflected during science sessions.
During Year 3 and 4 Activities week, some children went to visit Magdalen Farm with Miss Mann and some stayed with Mrs Dean being sporty and creative.  We have written our own updates to explain some of the activities we took part in back at school.

Update by Abi M and Heba, Year 3:
On Thursday 23rd April, we went on a little trip around the local area to take photos for our Art project. We looked for interesting buildings to inspire our work. Then we went on The Hoe and sketched the wonderful scenery, buildings and monuments there.

We learned how to use the digital cameras and took photos  on The Hoe and around the the city. We have taken a class picture by the statue at The Hoe. On The Hoe we split in to 5 groups and we took some pictures. Some of us also sketched the light house.
We did a 'flash mob'  of our E.T. dance and surprised lots of people playing and relaxing on the grass!
At the end of our Art trail we visited West Hoe Park for some free time. Some of us had a huge game of hide and seek with Mrs Dean.


By Amelia W and Abi V

On the computer we designed Roman mosaic floors. Here are some examples. We used a website called make a roman mosaic online. I hope you en joy ismail.

On Thursday the 23 of April year 3/4 did some gymnastics. Such as going on the ropes, holding headstand, doing bridges on the beam/bench, Doing bridges on the floor/blue mats,jumping on the spring board on the vault and trying to hold a handstand for 10 seconds and holding it there. On Friday we put all our skills into team sequences and performed to each other. It was amazing.
By Harley



Amelia Wotton drew an amazing Roman horse for our giant mosaic.
Come and see our finished design outside the Year 3 classroom.



We learned how to mix the primary colours to make secondary and tertiary colours on a a colour wheel ready to paint our Plymouth landscapes.  
Although we didn't go on the residential, we still had a lot of FUN!!

What an exciting Summer term we have ahead. We kick start with the Year 3 and 4 'Magdalen Farm' residential trip and exciting art and dance activities back at school.
Our new topic is 'Invaders' with a focus on the Romans. Watch this space for photos of our learning.

Happy New Year everyone!

We are really looking forward to our next learning journey during Spring 2015
'From the Moor to the Sea'
'Silly Science Fun!'

As part of National Science Week the children have experienced a morning of 'Silly Science' activities. Activities included: setting up a solar panelled hydroponic tomato growing system, experimenting with static electricity, connecting a range of electrical circuits, making gloop, exploding coke bottles, testing water density and also studying air and water pressure! So much fun was had!  

Dartmoor Ramble!

A fabulous day had by all. A trip to the Dartmoor visitor centre at Princetown, a walk to the historical church and then on to Burrator reservoir for a picnic and circular walk. We discovered leats, potato sheds, a ruined farmhouse and a clapper bridge! (more to see at the bottom of the page!)

World Book Day!


Super costumes Year 3!

The children have learnt all about plants and the function of their roots in science today. They have used magnifying glasses to compare carrots and chilli plants. 
We are so amazed by the quality of some of our Year 3 homework recently that we just had to share it with you! The children have been so keen and motivated towards our topic this term that they have gone over and above expectations. Keep it up Year 3!
The Year 3 and 4 class had a fabulous trip to Mount Edgcumbe taking part in a 'Coastal Exploration'. We had plenty of fun and games, including rock pool rambles to identify different plant and animal species. 
(Please see the additional folder of photos at the bottom of the page too).

Our end of term production 'The Christmas that Time Forgot'

Here are just a few photos from the dress rehearsal of our magical show.  We hope you enjoyed the first stop-off in the time machine visiting the 'Savage Stone Age' Year 3s!
A huge 'well done' to all the children for putting so much effort into their drama and dance to ensure such an entertaining and confident performance.  As usual, the standard amazed everyone and brought much pride and laughter to the audience.  What an amazing end to our stimulating Stone Age learning journey!

Celebrating the successful reindeer hunt!

What a busy few weeks we have had in Year 3!  We have been so fortunate to have enjoyed so many interesting visitors and trips in addition to our usual lessons.  Our fantastic topic 'Back to the Stone Age' has captured everyone's imagination and is already motivating the class to write with tremendous detail and vocabulary.  Here are some photos of just a few of the activities we have excelled at since the start of the term.

Stone Age Drama