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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1


            Welcome to the Summer Term!

This term our topic is 'On the Farm'. We have so much interesting learning planned and will explore:The journey of food from farm to fork; farms in the UK and St Lucia; healthy eating and food waste; seasonal change and science investigations based on plants and conditions for growth; the artist Vincent van Gogh; observational drawing and painting of plants; and will even grow our own vegetables!

We enjoyed ice creams and a water fight for our end of Year 1 party!

We had a very busy time at Pennywell farm and took part in many exciting activities including pond dipping, milking goats, bottle feeding goats and patting pigs!

Today we went to Central Library to meet Fiona Lumbers the author illustrator of Clem and Crab. We listened to the story, asked her questions and then drew our own crabs. We also borrowed books from the library.

Elmer spotting: on the way to he library we spotted 3 Elmers!

Look at our Sunflowers just like the painting by Van Gough!

We used sticks to represent tens and stones to represent ones when we made numbers outside in the playground.

Well done Mrs Tearney on completing your teaching qualification with us! Good luck in your new school.

Elderflower cordial! Tabitha’s mum kindly came in to teach us to make elderflower cordial from the elderflowers on our tree. We were surprised by how much sugar we had to use!

Happy half-term everyone. Have a good week 😊

Our sunflower seeds have germinated. We are taking them home to see how tall they will grow!

We all enjoyed sports day and showed great enthusiasm, perseverance and team spirit to try our best at the activities and to cheer our teams on!

After our ‘People Who Help Us’ sports day we learnt a bit more about helpful people and made our own booklets about them!

15/5/19: We visited the Apple store for a coding workshop. We learnt to use coding blocks to write lines of code to instruct robot spheres around a maze. It was challenging but we used our problem solving and perseverance to complete the challenge!

24.4.19: SPA Dental visited us today to help us learn how to keep our teeth and gums healthy. We practised cleaning our teeth and we even used a special mirror to look in each other’s mouths!

Happy Easter from Year 1!

 Welcome to the Spring Term!

Our topic this term is 'Where We Live': We will be looking at the human and physical geography of Plymouth; investigating significant historical figures such as Sir Francis Drake and Grace Darling; learning about the work of the RNLI; studying the work of the artist Brian Pollard; using books such as The Three Little Pigs and The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch to inspire our writing; and using our investigation skills in science. 

Please find below the curriculum letter and poster for the Spring term.

We planted out the seeds which we sowed in science week. We wonder how tall our runner beans will grow!

Science week: we’ve planted lots of seeds and been on a senses hunt in our outside area with the RSPB.

We followed instructions to make a jam sandwich ready to write instructions for how to make Mrs Grinling’s mustard sandwiches! We described the sandwiches as yummy, delicious, appetising and scrumptious!

8.3.19: What an exciting morning with year 2 on a our bus trip around Plymouth and to the depot to go through a bus wash!

6.3.19: What a busy morning for world book day. We found that our pencils and rubbers were on strike and left us the book The Day The Crayons Quit to read and we only had crayons to use! We wrote letters to say sorry and ask for our pencils back! We also shared stories with reading buddies in Year 4.

4.3.19: We visited the library this morning and had a wonderful time listening to stories and looking at books.

1.3.19: We had a wonderful afternoon trying out our new playground!

What a wonderful effort you have made with your ‘Where we live’ homework Year 1. It has been great to hear you all share your work with the class.

We have been enjoying getting into our new book ‘ The Lighthouse Keepers Lunch’. We have sequenced the story, looked at the story setting, discussed the wonderful language in the story and have even had a debate about whether we would prefer to live in a lighthouse or a cottage.

Safer Internet Day- look at all of our lovely homework about staying safe on line!

We had a wonderful time at St Andrew’s Church learning all about baptism. We had Matilda, our class bear, baptised.

We walked to the Hoe to look at the statue of Sir Francis Drake. We did some sketching of the statue and the lighthouse.

We are using the chrome books to go on Mathletics.

We had a great time using our story spoons to act out the story of The Three Little Pigs.

Autumn Term 2018

Please find our curriculum letter and poster for the Autumn term

Year 1 we are so very proud of you for putting in an amazing performance for your May Poppins show!

Shapes! We’ve been shape hunting and have made pictures out of shapes.

29th November: ready for tomorrow’s St Andrew’s day service, we have learnt about St Andrew. Before he followed Jesus, he was a fisherman. Here are our St Andrew’s day fish.

We interviewed Mrs Johnson about the toys that she played with when she was a little girl.

We wrote prayers to say thank you for God’s wonderful creation.

Maths morning: it was lovely to welcome parents into our class to see our awesome maths!

Parents’ Phonics morning.

Here are some website links for phonics games.

Toy day: we had a wonderful time talking about toys, comparing old and new teddies, making a marble run, doing drama, filling a fantasy toy box and even cooking for our toy picnic. Here are some photos.

5th November: today we learnt about Guy Fawkes’ plot to blow up the Houses of Parliament, we made firework shape poems and firework pictures.

Toys from the past day: we had a fantastic time learning about old toys and games. We played hop scotch, table quoits,marbles, bingo, dominoes, with a spinning top, with Russian dolls, and with a music box.

Library Visit: Year 1 walked to Plymouth Central Library where we listened to stories, looked at books and were issued with our own library cards.

Autumn Week: We’ve had a fantastic week finding out about autumn. We’ve been autumn detectives, made autumn art work, taken part in talk activities about autumn, composed autumn themed poems and even made up a leaf dance!

What a handsome lot we are-look at our self portraits!

Week 3: Another busy week! We’ve been trying to use the conjunction ‘and’ to use 2 adjectives to describe toys; we’ve been using ‘greater/less than’ in maths; we’ve painted beautiful self portraits; had a visit from Fenella the tooth fairy who taught us about looking after our teeth; we’ve practised cutting with scissors AND brought our toys to school for the day-we even danced with them!

Week 2 of year 1 has been so busy! We’ve ordered numbers, described toys using adjectives and played cooperatively and kindly.

What a busy first week it’s been! We’ve sorted and counted objects, labelled toys, read postcards sent by Matilda bear, enjoyed stories and learnt lots through our play.

Wednesday 5th September 

The children have begun to settle well into year 1. They have told me all about themselves and enjoyed exploring their new environment.