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Year 2


Summer Term 

On The Farm

Big Question: Where does our food come from and how can we make sure that there is  enough for everyone?

We will be learning about the journey of food from farm to fork as well as contrasting farming in the U.K to St Lucia. In our science work we will be learning about plants.

Please see the links below for our summer term letter and curriculum poster.

Our menu of homework activities for the second half of the summer term.

Year 2 received their ties today ready for Year 3!

Sunflowers by our Year 2 Van Goghs!

We have been studying Vincent Van Gogh. Today we did some observational sketching of a vase of sunflowers in preparation for recreating his famous ‘sunflowers’ next week.

We had our final visit to the library in Year 2. Lots of children are keen to take part in the summer reading challenge!

DT: After taste testing ingredients, we designed sandwiches. Today we got to make our sandwiches and to eat them! Afterwards we evaluated our sandwiches-most of thought they were delicious!

Paignton Zoo: What a wonderful day was had by all! The children were a credit; they were well behaved, enthusiastic and curious. Well done Year 2 😊

Art: Year 2 are looking at the colours and textures in paintings by Vincent Van Gough.

HEALTHY WEEK: Year 2 have had a fantastic week learning about staying healthy from cheerleading, smoothie making with Dr bike, fruit and vegetable tasting to learning about the importance of sleep and water for our bodies- we’ve had a great time!

Well done to the brilliant Year 2 who all won a book for their fantastic posters about saving bees!

We thought carefully about what makes effective reading aloud. We have tried to use clear voices and expression to tell you the story of 'A cow that laid and egg.'. We are using this book to inspire our work in English.

We have carried on being agents of change this term by joining El from Clean our Patch for a litter pick in our local area. We were surprised by how much litter we managed to collect!

Spring Term

Changing Homes. Changing Times.

Big Question: How can we be Agents of Change?


In History we will learn about how our homes have changed over time and discover key changes in our daily lives e.g. home entertainment and smart phones and consider whether all change is positive. In Art we will learn how we can be agents of change and use our art to convey positive messages; we will look at activism in art through some of the works of Banksy. In D.T we will learn how to repurpose recycled materials to make cars and in Science we will learn about materials and their properties. Throughout the term we will consider our ‘Big Question’ about how we can make change for good and be ‘agents of change’!

See below for our curriculum letter and poster for more detail about this term's learning.

Like true agents of change, we have repurposed plastic to make our Easter baskets. It’s far better to give plastic a new life rather than it going to waste.

14.3.23: Year 2 love to visit the library and to listen to Austen read us stories. We also borrowed books to read in class.

As agents of change, we considered whether all change and progress is positive. After learning about the history of the telephone we thought carefully about the smartphone and considered whether it was a positive invention. We used our oracy skills to debate this. Just over half the class thought that smartphones were NOT a positive invention!

We are using art to be Agents of Change. We thought about a message that we wanted to convey and used our learning from our art unit to present it.

World Book Day. Year 2 had a a wonderful day full of stories! We took part in a treasure hunt and solved the book clues to unlock our box of stories. We also visited the book swap and chose a ‘new’ preloved book to enjoy and even read with our friends in Year 6.

Internet safety day: we learnt about what to do if something makes us feel uncomfortable or worried online. We also learnt about how important it is to keep personal information private and not to share online. Here are some pictures of us in our fabulous internet characters or superheroes!

Holly Ryan, author of How to be a Pirate Princess, visited us at school. We learnt about how to draw stories out, we also learnt how to draw princess Pru from the story and got to ask Holly questions.

How have our homes changed over time? We went on a walk in our local area to look at features of buildings which give us a clue as to how old it is. The Elizabethan house on the Barbican dates back to 1599!

The Elizabethan House

Which materials are waterproof and which are absorbent? Year 2 investigated.

How can we be agents of change in our local area? El from clean our patch came today to talk to us about rubbish. We learnt about the problem of plastic pollution and micro plastics.El found lots on our beaches! We also learnt about the importance of disposing with our waste properly. We can be agents of change by picking up rubbish and educating others to do the same.

How can we be agents of change through art? We studied the Clacton Pigeon mural by Banksy and thought about the messages that the pigeons were giving to the starling. We then decided to change the messages to welcome the migrant bird.

Autumn Term

Where We Live

Big Question: What does it mean to belong to a diverse community?

Our cross-curricular theme this term is ‘Where We Live’ We will revisit our big question; ‘What does it mean to belong to a diverse community?’ throughout our learning.  We will be exploring both the geography and history of our local area, and thinking about its location within the South West and United Kingdom. Our Year 2 geographers will learn how to use simple maps and plans and see things from a ‘bird’s eye view’.  We also want to develop the children’s sense of community and help them find ways to be good citizens and to appreciate the diversity within Plymouth.

We are very proud of our Year 2 skeletons who performed the book Funny Bones in our Christmas production.

8.12.22: We enjoyed a delicious Christmas dinner cooked by our kitchen.

22.11.22: We visited Central library today to listen to stories and to exchange our library books. Austen gave us a quiz about the library and we scored 5/5!

21.22.22. Year 2 have been researching about leaflets ready to write their own information leaflets about Plymouth.

9.11.22:How does the light in a lighthouse work? We investigated how to make a bulb light up just like in a lighthouse!

2.11.22: What a day for an open top bus trip! City Bus kindly took us on a tour around Plymouth as part of our learning about our local area. We had a great time!

21.10.22. Our Year 2 authors read their stories to Foundation today. What fantastic stories they are!

6.10.22: We were geographers today and visited Plymouth Hoe to find physical and human features of the landscape. We also looked at landmarks as we walked ready to map our route.

After our rock pooling at Mount Edgecumbe, our year 2 scientists learnt about food chains of the rock pool habitats.

At Mount Edgecumbe we became scientists discovering the diverse wildlife in our local area. We found a surprising number of crabs on the shore and will be learning about the food chains of the animals on our shores.

We also enjoyed the beauty of our local area.