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Year 3

We had some amazing news yesterday... Mrs Allchurch said we could sing! We really enjoyed learning our class song ‘Stone’! You can find the words on Google Classroom (as well as the original song, ‘Gold’ to sing along to.


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Today we finished story mapping Stone Age Boy. Such artistic contributions!

Our gymnastics sequences are looking fabulous. We have included travelling tasks and balances. Today we have learned some new jumps. Can you perfect a jumping sequence with a tuck, star and half turn (or full turn)?


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Some amazing scores on Mathletics this week.

We are very pleased with our ‘Talent for Writing’ certificates. If our parents give permission, we will have our Peculiar Pets poems published. How exciting! Such a lot of children had their poem selected for publication as they were of a very high quality.

Some super poppy creations ready for our Remembrance Day 2 minute silence on the 11th.

A huge ‘well done’ for this week’s star Mathletes scoring over 1000 points.

Mayflower Drama Activities

Our Stone Age Adventure Day!

Year 3 had so much fun going back to the Stone Age. We created jewellery from stones and leather, painted rocks, drew cave designs using charcoal and chalk, played cave games, attempted to light the fire using flint and steel and also toasted marshmallows. What an action packed morning we had.

Our exquisite Mayflower artwork.

As we left School on Monday, a beautiful rainbow framed our playground. It felt magical!

Star ‘mathletes’!

In gymnastics, we worked on travelling and balancing. It was hard work, but we felt energised afterwards!


We've had such a fun day wearing mufti, completing our regular Friday bootcamp of exercises  and learning all about thanksgiving.


We hope that you all have a wonderful half term break. We look forward to an exciting first week back where we'll discover all about the Mayflower voyage and go back to the Stone Age for our forest school experience. 

20.10.20. A ‘sneaky peek’ at the Y3 Christmas cards! Our theme was ‘angels’ and we enjoyed spreading the peace of Christmas with our beautiful designs. We can have our designs printed on cards, labels, mugs or calendars. Some of the money raised is donated to a great cause - our school! Please fill in the form on the other side of the art and send the correct money into class in a named envelope by Tuesday 3rd November. 

Another fantastic week of Mathletics Success. After half term, we will only print the first Bronze, Silver and Gold for each child. Keep practising those Maths skills and piling up the points!

We are very proud of our Courtesy Cup winner.

This week’s star spellers. 👏

13.10.20 In RE, we used drama to become more familiar with the story of Adam and Eve. Can you spot the beautiful flowers in the Garden of Eden, the elephant, the crafty snake, the Tree of Knowledge, Adam, Eve and the actress representing God?

We pretended to be journalists and wrote news reports to explain the events in the bible story.

Mrs Dean was so proud of our writing. After just five weeks in Year 3 we are making such fantastic progress!  We tried so hard to use different punctuation marks today. We used our Magpie books to sound out any words we were unsure of, and packed our reports with interesting ‘wow words’ such as tempted, disappointed, separation and catastrophic! 👏 

13.10.20 Fantastic Mathletics results. A special ‘well done’ to our first gold winner this term! 👏

Three top scores on the trot for our ‘Spelling Bee’ trophy winner. 🐝 🏆 👏

5.10.20. Another amazing Mathletics record for Year 3 this week. Fifteen children earned their certificates, including three silvers!

These spelling superstars have met their target three weeks running. What a fantastic achievement!

Today, in our dance lesson we choreographed our own paired phrases as part of the warm-up.

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We are starting to hunt in our Stone Age dance.

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Our Stone Age fun day!

We had such fun going back to the Stone Age yesterday. The children made Stone Age tools using drawing and cutting skills. Once assembled they used paper mache to make the head of the tool stronger. 

We also foraged for food, berries and sticks. Look how much we found! Such a fun day! smiley

Welcome back to the Autumn Term!


Welcome back to a very action packed and fun-filled Autumn term. The children have already impressed us with superb behaviour and enthusiasm towards learning. It really is wonderful to be back with a full class again.smiley Mrs Dean has already filled our web page with fantastic photos of the children's first few days. It's wonderful to see their happiness and excitement about returning to school. 


Below are the links to our curriculum map and letter. Please keep checking our web page for up-dates and photos.


Best wishes,

The Year 3 Team







29.9.20. In Art today, we completed our amazing Stone Age inspired jewellery.

28.9.20. Our Stone Age costumes looked amazing today. We pretended we we had hunted for animal skins and were kept warm with furs from cave bears, cave lions and leopards, deer and even the woolly mammoth! Some people had woven tunics from flax. 

The fashion show was so much fun!

We used our imaginations in our Survival Dance.


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We have a new class record; thirteen children earned their bronze Mathletics certificate this week for totalling more than 1000 points. Wow!

23.9.20 We really enjoyed painting our clay beads, bones and teeth ready to string onto our necklaces.

Being super-creative, we moulded clay to make teeth and bones, following our Stone Age jewellery design carefully.

22.9.20. We are designing unique Stone Age-style jewellery. We have planned to use beautiful shells and feathers. We will make bones, teeth, seeds and beads out of clay.

Monday is spelling test day in Year 3. There were some outstanding results this morning. Well done everyone for working so hard.

This week’s star ‘Mathletes’!

Having fun in our first dance lesson.

We started our Stone Age survival dance.

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Our first idea was fishing with spears! 🐟

Congratulations to these children who earned gold certificates since May.

Bronze Mathletics certificate winners from the first week of term. Over 1000 points earned in a week. Fantastic!

Being active (and dramatic) outside!

Time for a ‘brain break’!

In Maths, Mrs Dean was very impressed with our number bonds skills.

What an exciting first day of Year 3! We were so sensible coming into school and sitting with our ‘Study Buddies’.

Lunch was delicious!

Mrs Allchurch came to talk to us about ‘Old and New’. She really enjoyed presenting us with our ties as a special ceremony to welcome us into Key Stage 2.

We had a go a tying a tie! This is our fourth attempt. We were very proud of ourselves!

At the end of the day we were tired, but happy!