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Welcome to Year 2, Summer Term 2019

Get out those wellies and grab your spades as Year 2 head down to the farm in this term’s new topic. We’ll learn about healthy eating, discover where our food comes from and compare farming in the UK or St Lucia. We’ll plant and nurture our own vegetables, use them in our own cooking and find ways to combat food waste. You can find more detail on the curriculum poster and letter below.

Loveday, Rihanna and Kiki sing their food waste jingle. Amazing!

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Clayton, Hannah and Holly perform their (slightly festive) jingle.

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This boy band chose to beat box their jingle - well done Junior, Kyle, Ben and Ralphie.

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These girls will rock you! You’d better eat your lunch ...

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Bernardo, Jason and Owen perform their food waste jingle.

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03.07.19: Fun with farmyard fractions. We worked hard to help Farmer Joe sort all the animals on his farm.

14.06.19: The children decided to make posters to encourage everyone to eat their food at lunchtime. They worked on them at home and we are very impressed with their creative and inspiring work. Hopefully they will do the trick!

13.06.19:Today we interviewed Mrs McCulloch to find out more about food waste and discuss what we can do to reduce food waste at school. She took us to the kitchen to see all the food that was thrown away today. There was so much, we couldn’t lift it. The waste is stored, then collected each week to be processed into energy.

07.06.19: from school garden to our bellies! Today we used the herbs and salad we have grown to make delicious pitta pizzas. Our tomatoes aren’t fully grown yet, so we had to improvise!

Some of Year 2 have been lucky enough to help paint our St Andrew’s Elmer (he’s now been named Eldrew). Hopefully you will see Eldrew with all his other friends at Mount Edgcumbe this summer.

The whole school have had very green fingers this term. We’ve been busy planting up every corner of our KS1 playground ... look out for sweet peas, wild flowers, sunflowers, lettuce, beetroot, sugar snap peas, onions and tomatoes.

24.04.19: Back to school today and we’ve started the term with gleaming teeth, thanks to a great afternoon with Lorraine and Heather from Spa Dental. They have given us lots of advice about how to keep our teeth and gums healthy and we practised brushing round and round for 2 minutes.

Welcome to Year 2, Spring Term 2019.

This term, our topic is ‘Where We Live’. We will become artists, map makers, historians and dancers as we explore fascinating aspects of our local area.

Take a look at the curriculum poster and letter below to find out more.

Year 2 wish you all a very Happy Easter. See you all on Wednesday 24th April.

HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY! A big thank you to all our lovely mums. We hope you enjoyed your special tea party - we loved playing our ukuleles for you xx

Old MacDonald had a ukulele ...

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A sailor went to sea ...

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08.03.19: What better way to learn about ‘Where We Live’ than aboard a double decker bus. Year 1 and Year 2 were very lucky to have a special trip provided by Plymouth Citybus... not the sort of trip they would experience normally!

World Book Day: Our whole day was based on ‘The One Hundred Decker Bus’ - an exciting new story which Miss Lewis revealed to us bit by bit. Throughout the day, we listened, talked, predicted, imagined, created and generally had lots of fun.

Now we’re really looking forward to our adventure with Plymouth Citybus on Friday. Who knows where we’ll end up!

01.03.19: Our beautiful new playground is ready and this afternoon we tested it out! We feel so lucky.

14.02.19: Here are a few of our finished paintings. Great work Year 2!

13.02.19: We’ve shown exceptional focus today, painting with such care and attention. Our finished work will be on display very soon.

11.02.19: Today we’ve been history detectives. We’ve been looking closely at this statue on the Hoe to see what we might discover about this important person. We asked lots of questions about him and will try to find out more about him later this week.

While we were at the Hoe we sketched the view ready to complete our Brian Pollard style paintings.

08.02.19: More amazing science in Year 2 today. We were trying to find out which rope would let Mr Grinling’s lunch travel the greatest distance - it needs to reach the lighthouse!

Testing rope 1

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Testing rope 2

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Testing rope 3

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05.02.19: Today is Safer Internet Day 2019 and our Year 2 e-safety superheroes have embraced a range of challenges and activities...

We started the day with group discussions ... what do we already know about keeping safe online? We had lots of sensible ideas, such as playing age appropriate games, using a safe search engine like Swiggle or not sharing personal information.

Later we played a game. Miss Lewis read out some scenarios of how people might use the internet, and we had to consider how that would make us feel and then move to different emoticon areas, e.g. 😂😩😔😃😴😡😯. There was a lot of debate as we all saw things in different ways!

Here are a few examples of our creative and informative e-safety homework. Well done to everyone who entered the competition.

22.01.19: We’ve been developing our art skills, drawing and painting in the style of Brian Pollard. We have experimented with different paints to reproduce his bold, bright colours and have tried drawing tiny characters and objects in his naive style. Soon we’ll be ready to produce our own paintings of Plymouth. Watch this space!

Mr Grinling is taking hot chocolate to the lighthouse today, but he needs to find a way to keep it warm. Mrs Lane and the children planned a test to investigate which containers were best insulators.

Inspired by ‘The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch’, the children have had fun creating electrical circuits to make their model lighthouses shine brightly. It was a great success!


Look back at Year 2, Autumn 2018 


Our topic this term is 'TOYS WE LOVE'. Please take a look at the curriculum poster below for more details of the term.

We’re off to see the wizard ... what a show! We are so very proud of our confident and talented children. Well done everyone, you were AMAZING!

Meet the stars of our Year 2 Christmas production. Oh, how they shine! Thanks to all the parents who helped to create such great costumes.

26.09.18: Today was the first of this year's two Internet Safety Days. We didn't dress up, but we learned all about our 'digital footprints' and different ways to stay safe when we're using technology. 

Don't forget that our class digital mascot - Webby Wolf will be going home with one of the Year 2 children each week. This year, Webby is trying to help the children be more resilient when using technology.

12.09.18: Today we’ve been thinking about play. We discussed lots of questions, such as;

What is play?

Why is play important?

When does play go wrong?

How can we play positively with each other? 

Then we played games to develop our skills of co-operation, listening and focus.

Pass the whisper: We really needed to concentrate and listen carefully.

Balloon Bop: We had so much fun working in teams to keep the balloon afloat (without letting go of our hands). Tricky!

Winking wizard: oh no, everyone’s asleep! We needed focus and brilliant eye contact to catch the wizard.

11.09.18: Today we held an election to choose our new Year 2 School Council representatives. The children had been given a chance to prepare their ideas for homework, and those who were interested showed great confidence when presenting their ideas to the class. We then had a secret ballot and announced the winners.


Holly and Clayton: Our proud Year 2 School Council representatives.