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A message from Judith Harwood, PCC

Dear Parents/Carers,


We know that you will have seen or heard the announcement about some children returning to school from the 1st June, if it is safe to do so. Schools are working closely with the Local Authority and other partners to support families during the COVID19 pandemic and I wanted to send you a message about the arrangements that will be made regarding schools opening. Of course your child may have been attending school for some of the time since the end of March and they will still be able to attend if they meet the criteria to do so. Primary schools and nurseries are now planning to open to more year groups (R, Year 1, Year 6) if it is possible to do this after half term. Attendance is encouraged but is voluntary in the sense that no action will be taken (such as a penalty notice) if you choose not to send your child.


There are some important things however I would like you to know. Your child’s school will need you to follow the guidance set out by the government and not mix with people from outside your household. For example, to be as safe as possible your school will ask you not to come into the school and to carry on being two metres apart at the school gate. You must not send your child to school if they have any symptoms of COVID19 or other new illness. I must let you know that schools may not be in a position to open on the 1st June or they may open and then have to close again. I’d like you to be prepared for that as everything will depend on whether it is safe to be open.


I expect that between now and the beginning of June the numbers of children attending school in the city will rise. As classes need to be smaller so that social distancing can be in place you may find that your child’s school cannot take all children on a full time basis. Some children will be in school part time. Be ready for the beginning or end of the school day being at a different time to the one you’re used to.


Your child’s school will let you know the arrangements when they are planned and invite you to say whether you will be taking up a place. Thank you for supporting your school and stay safe. If you have questions that you want to ask the Local Authority, please use this email address:



Best wishes

Judith Harwood

Director for Education, Participation and Skills.

Plymouth City Council.