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Competition to raise awareness for Anti-Bullying Month

November is Anti-Bullying Month.

It is a time to raise awareness of how bullying can affect people throughout the world and particulary in school.

Children discuss how positive qualities and behaviours can help prevent bullying from taking place aswell as dealing with situations that may very infrequently, yet unfortunately, arise.
As part of Anti-bullying month, the school is running a competition to raise awareness of how bullying and unkind words can affect someone. It is during this month that we focus on positive qualities, how to get along with each other, and what it means to be a friend.
It’s important to be kind.
With these words in mind, children are invited to submit a piece of work that conveys this message.
It may be a poem, a poster, a piece of artwork, a story, a collage of images, a song, a prayer, a Power-Point presentation, a play script, a sculpture, photographs of kind acts, a comic strip or a selection of the above.
Winning entries in KS1 and KS2 will receive £10 that can be spent in the Scholastic online Book Shop.
The last date for entries is Tuesday 27th November.
Please give all entries to Mr.Stonebridge or your class teacher.
You can submit more than one piece of work.