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Food, fire, fun and foraging!

So, would you believe that with a few seasonal vegetables picked from around the farm, a handful of eggs gathered from the chickens and an abundance of willing helpers, we cooked an enormous pink omelette. Yes ... pink (from the beetroot). Perhaps it was the fresh air or the smoky flavour from the fire, but we ate the lot and it was delicious! 
We also had fun painting some pictures of Magdalen Farm using only natural items that we found on our walks - daffodils, moss, berries, beetroot, etc. We framed them with natural bark frames and will be bringing them home.
This evening we have laughed a lot in a multi sensory, slightly messy, all-join-in quiz. The highlight was undoubtedly the children's musical compositions about the farm sung to the tune of Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star. Hilarious!
Bed earlier tonight and hopefully more sleep for everyone. We can't believe that we'll be back tomorrow.