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Holocaust Memorial 75 Flames Project

We are very proud to have contributed to the '75 Flames' project which aims to raise awareness of this significant Holocaust Memorial Day. Our design has been created by some of our talented Year 5 and 6 artists who have recently learnt about the Holocaust during their World War 2 topic. 

The flame itself represents eternal life; a bold symbol of remembrance to remind us of those who perished during the Holocaust. Our three-dimensional flame has been set within a fenced compound, reminiscent of the concentration camps that claimed the lives of so many Jews. There are 75 extinguished matches which mark the 75 years since the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau. There is also a Jewish star incorporated into the barbed wire fence to convey the recognition of their belief, significance and individuality. Finally, pegged to the fence are positive messages similar to our own school values which raise awareness for freedom of belief, tolerance and respect. 

Thank you to Mr Napier for assisting the children during the project.