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Year 3's amazing morning of robots and video games

This morning was full of technology as the children in year 3 enjoyed working with a group of student teachers from Plymouth University.
The students, who were all ICT specialists, brought some interesting 'toys' with them! 

Some children were able to make their very own video game using software that is available for you to download at home. Use this link to make your own!


The children worked in pairs to work out how to use the program and then had to discuss their ideas for their own computer game.

Some children had to 'dodge' spaceships and firing from other players and some children had hidden coins in their game which the player had to collect!

Other children worked with students in the ICT suite, they had robots and 'vehicles' that had to be programmed to be able to move. Some children made their robots move in squares, and even worked out how to make their robot twist round and round! 


John and Ryan had to work out how to move their robot in a small space.


Zara and Ben worked as a team, Zara programmed the robot while Ben recorded the instructions.


Lily-Mae and Ethan had to work hard to listen to the instructions, they then made improvements to their robot to make it move accurately.